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Audio SEO: How to Optimize Audio for Better Ranking

Audio SEO: How to Optimize Audio for Better Ranking

This Blog Is About Audio Seo In This Blog You Gonna Learn About How To Optimize Your Audio Content For Search Engine Ranking, There Are Lots Of Factors In The Audio Seo Optimization So If You Wanna Rank Your Audio Podcast And Audio Content Read The Whole Article And Apply In Your Own Content.

Audio Seo
Audio Seo

What Is Audio Seo?

Audio Seo Optimization Is A Practice To Make Your Audio Content Popular And Fast Rank In Google Search Engines Because Like Video Content Audio Is Also Hard To Index In Search Engine So Audio Seo Is A Search Engine Optimization For Audio Content.

Add Online Players 

There Is So Many Online Audio Players Website On Internet If You Are Not Adding Audio Player How Can Someone Listen To Your Audio File Because Of You Can't Put So Much Audio Content In Hosting Cause Page Speed Will Down Soo Add A Audio Player.

Optimize Your Landing Page

Your Landing Page Should Be Neet And Clean And Add Call To Action Button To Subscriber Your Podcast And Audio Content Channel, Your Audio File Should Be Clearly Visible For The Users And Page Should Be Eye Cathy And Attention

Keyword In Permalink

Optimize Your Keyword In Permalink (URL) Because This Is One Of A Ranking Factor If Your Keyword Include In Keyword, Your Chance Is High For Ranking That Particular Keyword And Phase Because If You Include Wrong Keyword Google Cant Understand Your Content Is About.

Optimize Your Audio

Your Audio Should Be Well Optimized In The Landing Page Because If Your Audio Is Not Optimized You Never Gonna Rank, Your Whole Page Is Should Be Optimized For Search Engine And Audio Is The Main Part In Your Page , Your Audio Quality Should Be Clean And Background Should Be God For Listeners , And Place The Audio In The Righ Alignment.

Transcribe Show In RSS Feeds

RSS Feed Help Your Subscribers To Get Your Future Content, If You Are Making A Series Of Your Audio Podcast RSS Feed Help To Notify Your Feeds To Your Audience Whenever You Update A Thing And When Ever You Upload In Audio Episode And Podcast.

ID3 Tags

Id3 Tag Is Have  Meta Deta Which Is Related To Your Audio Content. Optimize And Use The Id3 Tags In Your Content For further Optimize To Your Audio File.

ID3 Optimization Website - http://www.small-business-software.net/id3-optimization.htm

Keyword In File Name

Your Keyword Should Be Optimize In Audio File Name, Because Of Keyword Is A Big Ranking Factor In Seo So If You Are Not Include Your Keyword In Your File Name, Google Boots Cant Understand Your Content When Its Come To Crawling Your File.

Define Audio Properties

If You Are distributing the audio file in Your podcast, Make Sure Your File Should Be In MIME type And File Size Should Be In BYTES, podcatchers software Like  such as Juice and jpodder, This Will You To Manage Download And Subscription Podcast Use These Settings And Softwares And If You Are Not Using Them And leaving them, You Lose Your Subscribes.

If You Are Investing Some Times And Even Extra Time To Optimize Your Audio Content, There Is So Many Optunuties, Explore Them All And Apply On Your Own Content, If You Are Spending Some Times And Making High Quality Well Optimize Content here will increase the exposure and opportunities available


Use Graphics

Multimedia Is A Big Factor For The Grab The People Attention To Your Content A Single Visual Attract Much Traffic, So Use Graphic If You Want To Grab Your Audience Attention, And You Don't Wanna Lose Your Current Audience. A Single Picture Discribribe Thousand Of Words In A Time.

Include I - Tunes Tags

If You Want To Add Your File In I Tunes Store, You Should Add Some Tags In RSS Feed, This Tags Important And Specific For I Tunes And If You Don't Know How To Manage Them Use Software Like FeedForL (Win and Mac version available) The Software Have Tutorial This Will Help A lot.

Web-based tutorial- http://www.feedforall.com/itunes-tutorials.htm

Subscribe To Make Sure All Is a God

When Ever You Uploaded Your Podcast And Other Audio Content In  Online Audio Player First You Subscribe Yourself To Cheak Yourself Everything Work Well Like Notification And Optimization Or Page Or Other Elements Because Of If You Are Not Satisfied With Your Own Work Or Optimization, How Can Your Audience Attract With Your Content So Make Sure Subscribe Your Channel First To Cheak First.
A Guide to White Hat SEO Techniques

A Guide to White Hat SEO Techniques

In This Blog, I Am Going To Teach You What Is White Hat Seo And I Will Describe All The White Hat Seo Techniques So This Blog Is Complete Guide to White Hat SEO So If You Are Interested To Know About White Hat Seo Read The Whole Blog Carefully.

White Hat Seo
White Hat Seo

What Is White Hat Seo?

White Hat Seo Is A Legal Way To Rank Your Website In Search Engine Results, And Google Also Prefer To Use White Hat Seo Techniques For The User, Because White Hat Techniques Is For Human Not For Bots And Search Engine Spiders, Its Completely Follow All Search Engine Rules And Guidlines.

White Hat Seo Techniques ↘

Keyword Research

When You Are Writing A Article Keyword Research Help You To Understand Which Keyword Best For Your Article And Keyword Research Is A Practice To Help You To Understand What People Search For Internet What Is That Terms And Phrases, And People Enter In All The Search Engine For Finding Their Quires.

On Page Seo 

On-page seo is the technique to optimize your web page in order to rank higher in search engine results. IF you Are Optimize Your Web Page Is Well Optimize For People Quarries Your Chance Is More For Ranking In Search Engine For The Page Queries.

Creative Content

If You Are Write High-Quality Problem Solving Content Which Is Help To Searchers To Full Fill Their Task And Queries, Your Content Should Be Fresh, Unique And Informative, Put Your All Creativity Into Your Content And Give The High Values.

Case Studies

This Is A Part Of Creative Content If You Are Writing Long Lenght High-Quality Content For Target A Person And Niche And You Are Writing Everything About Them In A Single Post, As A Case Study, Your Chance Is High For Ranking In Serp 

Link Building

Most Of The People Building Link For Wrong Way But If You Are Build Link Organically And Naturally You Always Rank In Google And Never Punishes For Google Guidlines, Build Amazing Content Then People Embed Your Content In Their Content And Do Guest Post For Your Related Websites.

Website Architecture

If Your Website Architecture Means Structure Is Not Well You Should Work On It, Use Paid Template And Good CMS Platform And If You Are Is Not Technical Personal Go To The Web Designer And Told Them Your Problem.

Website Performance

Your Website Performance Should Be Better Because If Your Website Is Not Perform Well, Nobody Gonna Read Your Content So Choose Best Domain Provider And Hosting Provider For Well Performance And 24 x 7 Customer Help Service And You Can Use Pingdom If Your Website Is Down Pingdom Will Notify You In Email.

Meta Information

Your Meta Tag Meta Title Or Html Errors And Information If Your Meta Information Is Not Full Fill And Not Well Optimize Go And Work On It, Because If You Want To Rank Your Website And Article Your Every Little Information Should Be Well Optimize For Search Engines.

Multimedia Usage

Use Multimedia Like Image And Video Or Infographic Or Screen Shot And Other VisUAL Like Meme And Gif Because Google Wants Best Result And If Your Content Is So Thin And Borning Nobody Gonna Read Your Content So Embed Everything Related To Your Topic WHich Will Help To Your Audience

Brand Awareness

Spread Your Brand Awareness In The Whole Internet Because If Your Brand Is Strong, Trusted And Popular People Believe On You And You Trafic Will Boost, Just Go To The Google Trend And See Your Brand Is Popular Or Not Or If Your Brand Is Not Popular Enough So Go And Work On It.

Technical Terms

If You Want to Rank High In Search Engine Via White Hat Seo You Should Know Technical Terms:

Speed - Work On Your Website Speed Use Amp If You Are Using Wordpress, And Comprsaiesed your All Images Which You Are Using In Your Website Or Article Just Go To The Google Page Insight Tool And Cheak Your Website Speed Mobile And Website Both If Your Website Speed Is Very Low So Go And Work On It.

Mobile Friendly - Your Website Should Be Optimize For Mobile Because These Day Most OF The People Using Mobile Phone For Surfing The Internet.

Template - Your Template Should Be Responsive Because Most Of The People Using Mobile Too Use Paid Template If You Have Money And If You won't Afford Paid Work On Your Current Theme, Optimize Widgets And Negivations Bars.

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Avoid Black Hat And Grey Hat Seo

Do You Really Use These All Tactics In Your Website 
Complete Guide To black Hat Seo

Complete Guide To black Hat Seo

This Blog Is A Complete Guide To Black Hat Seo , The Purpose Of Writing The Blog Most Of The People Using Wrong And Illegal Method For Higher Ranking In Search Engine So I am Making The Full Guide For Who Want To Avoid The Illegal And Wrong Method For Ranking, Most Of The People Don't Know What Is The Black Hat Technique So If You Want To Know Read The Whole Article Carefully.

╳Say No To Black Hat Seo╳

Black Hat Seo
Black Hat Seo

What Is Black Hat Seo?

Black Hat Seo Is A Illegal Method And Practice Against Search Engine Policy And Guidlines, User Using To Higher Ranking In Search Results In Few Days.

Black Hat Seo Techniques In Seo ↘

Keyword Stuffing - 

When You Are Try To Target Your Main Keyword In Your Article And Your Put The Same Word And Phrase In Many Time. This Is Called Keyword Stuffing Because You Are Try To Target Your Main Keyword In Your Article 

Cloaking - 

This Is A Search Engine Optimization Technique When You Are Try To Fool For Google, You Are Present The Different Content To Google Bots But In Accutuall Content Is Something Else Like Adult And Abusing Content

Snaky Redirect

When You Try To Send Your Visitor To Different Url Which Is Unrelated To Searchers Queries And This Is A Violent Of Google Webmaster Guidlines, So If You Are Try to Send Your Visitor To Different Page, You Will Ben When Google Caught You.


Poor Content ( Low Quality)

When You Write Low-Quality Article And Monetize Them And, The Content Quality Image And Other Multimedia And Visual Quality Is Very Low And Content Lenght Is Very Thin Size.

Paid Links

When You Are Buying Link In Freelancer Website Like Upwork And More And In The Other Hand You Also Selling Links This Is A Black Hat Technique Because You Are Try To Be Smart And You Are Not Doing Your Work Organically And Naturally 

Abusing Structured Data And Rich Snippet

When You Are Try To Abuse Structure Data And Rich Snippet And You Have Put The Wrong Information In Rating And Reviews In The Illegal Way And You Are Try To Implement You Own HTML Code In It This Is In Black Hat Seo Don't Try To Be Over Smart You Be Punished If You Are Doing This.

Comment Spamming

When You Are Want To Rank Your Website And Article Via Link Building And You Try to Build Your No Follow Backlinks Then You Are Visit Many Website And Commenting On That Website But You Are Spamming And You Are Commenting So Many Website In A Single Day And At The Other Hand You Are Using Tools Like Auto Commenting And No Follow Backlinks Maker Etc.

Link Farms

According To Wikipedia - On the World Wide Web, a link farm is any group of websites that all hyperlink to every other site in the group. In graph-theoretic terms, a link farm is a clique. Although some link farms can be created by hand, most are created through automated programs and services


When You Are Making A Private Backlink Network And Put Link In Each Of Your Website, Private Backlink And Is A Technique When You Are Building Many Website Related To The Main Website  And Put The Do Follow Backlinks In Each Your Every Website.

Duplicate Content

When You Are Copying Others Content, You Are Visit Other Website Which Is Related To Your Website And You Are Copying The Whole Article And Paste Into Your Website , Same Image And Multimedia Or Visual Or Text And Context , A Tool Called Palagrasiam Checker When You Are Paste Your Article Into The Tool You Can Find Which Part Is Copied And Which Is Unique .

Article Spinning

When You Are Spin Other Content And Articles In Article Sppining Tools, Article Spinning Is A Method To Copy Others Text Content And The Article Spinning Tool Provide You The Unique Content. When Google Detect You Are Using Article Spinning Tools And Your Article Is Not Real You Will Punished And Ban.

Doorway Pages

When You Are Repeating You Same Content Many Time And All  Of Your Content Is Low Quality And You Are Try To Improving Your Quality Of Webpage This IS The Black Hat Seo Technique, And Doorway Pages Are Only Desing For Search Engine Not For Humans 

Hidden Link And Text

When You Are Hiding Your Links And Make Them Invisible For User, Most Of The People Try To Hide Their Text And Link For Like Refer Link, Affiliate Link, And Google Ads Unit And Url Shortner Link And Try To Build Income And Domain Authority And Link Building For Fast Ranking And More Earning.

Reporting Competitors

When You Are Try To Compete Your Competitor And You Are Using Wrong Method Link Using Bot Trafic To Send Competitor Website And Automation And Reporting Competitor Without Any Reason , Most Of The People Send Bots Trafic And Click The Competitor Adsense Ads For Invalid Click So If You Are Using That Type Of Strategies You Are Not In Safe Zone, This Is In Black Hat Seo Techniques .

Link Schemes

When You Are Exchange Link With Your Friends And Your Group, Link Schemes Is A Technique When You Try To Build Links For Domain Authority And Fast Ranking But You Are Using The Wrong Way Build Links Organically And Naturally, Link Exchange Is A Black Hat Seo Techniques


When You Are Try Make A System Which Is Automatically Doing Everything Without Any Click, One Time You Are Set As Default And The Automate Tool Or Script Doing Everything You Want Most Of The People Automate The Social Media Trafic For Blog Without Their Permission.

Virus And Malware

When You Are Put Viruses And Malware In Your Website As A Link And You Are Try To Hack User Accounts And Personal Information, This Is Violent Of Google Webmaster Policy.

Is Black Hat Seo Is Legal?

No Black Hat Seo Is Not Legal If You Are Against The Law And Guidlines, If You Are Against Search Engine You ll Penalize So Don't Try This There Is Many Option For Rank Your Website In Search Engine, You Can Use White Hat Seo And Other Legal Techniques.

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  • Most Of The People Try To Build Link In Their Website For Domain Authority And Fast Ranking But Link Building Is Not A Single Factor For Seo Ranking Factors You Can Do Other Things In White Hat Seo
  • Copy Content Can Easily Detect By Google So Don't Try To Be Oversmart And Avoid Duplicate Content Or Article Spiner
  • People Wants Money And Ranking But If You Are Providing Values And Writing Problem Solving Content You Can Easily Achieve Great Results So Avoid Redirect Page And Automation

How Many People Using One Of The Method In Their Website?

The Complete Guide Of Grey Hat Seo

The Complete Guide Of Grey Hat Seo

In This Blog I am Going To Teach You The Complete Guide OF Grey Hat Seo, And How Can It Will Affect You To Your Website Ranking And Why It Does It, Matter, So If  You Want To Know The All Terms About Grey Hat Seo Read The Whole Article Carefully.

Grey Hat Seo

The Complete Guide Of Grey Hat Seo

What Is Grey Hat Seo?

Grey Hat Seo Is  A Practice To Rank Your Website And Web Page In Search Engine Result Fast But That's Riskier Than White Hat Seo, Its A Mixup Between Black Hat Seo And White Hat Seo Techniques.

Term Of Grey Hat Seo ↷

Private Backlink Network ( PBN )

In This Process, User Make A Private Network Of Some Domains And Write Articles Every Site And Do Cross-link With Each Others, User Buy Bunch Of Domain Name In A Niche And Write Articles Related To Each Other And Put Backlinks In Every Article. This Is The Illegal Method To Rank Your Website And Web Page IF You Are Using These Kind Of Techniques You Will Penalize In Future When Algorithm Turns In New Updates.


According To Wikipedia - Cloaking is a search engine optimization (SEO) technique in which the content presented to the search engine spider is different from that presented to the user's browser. This is done by delivering content based on the IP addresses or the User-Agent HTTP header of the user requesting the page.

Purchase Old Domains

When You Are Purchasing Old Domain Name And that have been abandoned And The Domain Is Not Active Is Longer Time And The Real Owner Don't Use It Much And You Try To Build Link In These Kind Of Website , Its A Great Way To Rank Your Website But The Old Domain Name Should Be Authoritative And A Quality Domain.

Keyword Stuffing

This Is The Most Common Factor That Most Of The People Using In Their Article, People Stuff So Much Keyword In The Article And Most Of The People Target The Main Keyword Again And Again In The Article, Its Can Give You The negative Impact To Your Article, Google Thought You Are Forcing Your Keyword To Rank In Google, So Always Righ Organically And Be Natural.

Duplicate Content

If You Are Using Duplicate Content In Your Website You Never Gonna Rank In Google, Because Google Knows Everything About The Content And User Which Is Original And Copyrighted And You Can Also Cheak Your Content With Palagrisam Tool, So Try To Write Your Own Content 

Fake Review

If You Are Doing Fake Review In Your Article And Product With Your Same Account And Your Other Duplicate Accounts, So Don't Forget Google Can Cath Your Ip Address And Cath And Cookies, If Someone Doing These Techniques Google Will Penalize.

Social Media Profile Automation

If You Are Using Social Media Website Like Profile Making Website And You Automate It With Some Tool For Auto Tweet And Auto Like And Increasing Trafic For Fake And Bots Trafic With Some Tools , So You In A Danger Zone , Google Will Penalize Your Website Don't Make So Many Account In The Same IP Address And Don't Automate Tweet And Likes For Unknown Sources And Fake Tools.

Spin Content

If You Are SppiN Your Article And Content With Someone Content And Article Spiner Websites And When Google Understands The Real Content Is Not Your, The Article Which You Spin Is Never Gonna Rank In Google And Sometime Your Website Could Be Banned Or Penalize.

Why Does It Matter?

Many People And Business Or Company Using Grey Hat Seo These Day Cause Of Some People Don't Know The Difference Between Black Hat Hat And Grey Hat Seo People Take It As A White Hat, Seo, And I Think Most Of The People Don't Know The How Can Effect Your Website , People Wants Shortcuts And Fast Lane But If You Are Using The Right Way Of Optimize Your Website For The Search Engine You Probably Gonna Rank In Google And Other Search Engines.

Will Grey Hat Seo Help Your Website Rank Higher?

Yes, Grey Hat Seo Help Your Website Ranking But Then You Are Into A Danger Zone When Ever Google Crawl Your Website And Understand You Are Using The Wrong Way Of Optimize Your Website And Web They Can Give You Penalty.


Complete Guide to Off-Page SEO

Complete Guide to Off-Page SEO

This Article Is About Complete Guide To Off Page SEO And You Will Learn How You Can Optimize Your Off Page Seo For Better Ranking In Google Search And Building Authority Of Your Domain , So If You Want To Boost Your Domain Trust Rank Read The Whole Article Care Fully And Apply In You Own Blog This Will Change Help You To Get More Visitors To Your Blog.

Complete Guide to Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO
Off-Page SEO

What Is Off Page Seo 

Off Page Seo Is A Technique To Build Your Domain Authority To Link Your Website With Other Platforms, It Will Help You To Grow You Brand Awareness And Popularity And Also In Google Ranking.

Off-Page SEO
Off-Page SEO

Link Building

Link Building Is A Process To Increase Your Url Numbers In Other Platforms And Building A Chain For Boost You Website Trust Rank And Authority, And If You Are Using This Technique In Right Way Your Website Ranking Will Boost Because When Google Crawl Others Websites Your Link Inside Their Website Google Also Crawl Your Website Too.

Competitor Backlinks

When You Wanna Rank Your Website In First Page And You Have Many Competitors, In That Case, You Should Analyze There Backlinks And Other Trafic Source, And Then Make Your Backlinks In Same As The Competitors Websites, Use Semrush And Ahref Tool For Analysis Competitors Backlinks In Beat Them In Gooogle Ranking.

Broken Link Building

Find Broken Links In Your Website And Cheak What Is The Error And Problems And Fix Them And You Can Use Broken Link Checker, And Find Those websites Who Have Broken Links Too And Send Them A Email Properly To Fix Them And Also Request For A Guest Post And Credit Something For Pin Link On Their Website

Link Bait

Link Baiting Is A Part Of Link Building But Its Totally Different So When Someone Sees Your Web Page And Article Website And Other Your Url And People Like Your Post So Much And They Link Your Article Url Into Their Website And Blog, This Is Totaly Naturally But Your Content Should Be High Quality And Problem Solving, Link Bait Shows Your Success Rate.

Image Bait 

When You Are Search A Image On Google By Google Image And In Search Listing You Find The Real Owner Of Image And You Are Also See The Other Results Who Also Use The Same Image In Their Blog And Website Now Send Them A Email  Like -

Hi, ( Blog Owner Name )

I'm just looking something on the Web then I Visit On your site and I Notice that you have to use some copyrighted images. It's okay to Use unless you give credit to "www.Blogseoranking.in" in your blog post. 

I Hope You Understand. Regards

Parveen Chetiwal

Now When They See You Image They Give You A Backlinks Into Their Website This Is The Image Bait Technique Strategies.

Comments Links

When You Sees A Article And You Are Commenting On Comment Section And Your Are Filling Your Information Like Name, Email Or Url Then You Are Puting Your URL This Process Gives You A No Follow Backlink

Anchor Text Of The Link

This Will Make You Text Clickable And Provide A Value And Destination Of You Text So Use Anchor Text In Your Links And Right  Exact Text Name, File Name And Right Destination Url Which You Want.

Link Exchange Scheme

Link schemes Is A Process When You Buy Salling Links From Any Websites Like Fiver And Upwork And If You Are Using In A Wrong Way You Got Penalty From Google, Because of This Is a violation of Google's Webmaster Guidelines. Use It In A Right Way As A White Hat Techniques, Don't Try To Fool Algorithm.

Web 2.0

When You Making So Many Website In Many Platforms And You Are Making A PBN (Private Backlink Networks ) And You Wrote Different Articles In Different Different Platforms And Pining You Link In Every Article This Technique Called Web 2.0 Backlinks Strategies.

These Are The Web 2.0 Website 


An Online Discussion Website Where People Descusse About There Website Niche Problems And Other Related Terms About A Specific Website And Niche And There Category And People Like You Responds There Problems With A Article Include Your Link This Will  Help To Grow Your Website Traffic And This Will Build Your Website Authority When People Find High-Quality Content In Your Website.

There Are The Forums Websites

Q And A Websites

Submit Your Article In Question And Answer Websites Like Quora And More Similar Like Quora Sign Up To Quora And Choose A Category Which You Are Know About And Quora Notify You When Someone Ask A Question In Your Category Or Niche And Answer Them People And Put Your Link Into The Answer Article And Write Copyrighted Article For Answer And Your Answer Should Be Problem Solving, And Complete Their Task Which They Want.

Guest Blogs

This Is The Most Important Part In Off Page Seo And If You Want Real Trafic Write A Blog Post In Others Websites Which Is Similar To Your Niche And Category And Put You Link Into Your Link, The Best Part Is Guest Post You Got Do Follow Link In The Body Of The Article, So Go And Write High-Quality Guest Post.

Social Media Marketing

Today Every One Using Social Media Like Facebook  And Twitter So Why You Are Not Getting Profit For This Platform Social Media Marketing Is The Process To Promote Your Content And Service In Social Media.

Profile Creation Sites

In These Day You Can See So Many Profile Creation Websites Like Facebook Instagram Twitter And LinkedIn Or More Go There And Make Your Own Profile And Put Your Website Link In The About Section In Workplace, When Someone Arrived In Your Profile They Can See Where Are You Work And They Also Can See Your Work And Article And Write Articles And Publish On Social Media For More Visitors .

Social Bookmarking

When You Wanna Bookmark Your Webpage And Store Or Organize Your Web Page Social Bookmarking Websites Help You To Save Web Page On The Internet, You Can Also Promote Your Web Page In Social Bookmarking Website When Someone Sees Your Page Your Trafic Will Increase.

These Are The Social Bookmarking Websites

Laying Out Your Internal Pages

Make Sure Your Internal pages, menus and navigation works proper and all links you provide in your pages and other widget works perfect and also check in your Google search console if you have some issue fix them

Brand Awareness

Promoting Your Website And Blog Or Content As A Brand Also A Terms Of Off Page Seo You Can Promot Your Article In Google Adwords Or Facebook Ads Campaign And Take Advantage Of The Targeted Audience.

Local Listing

Setup Your Local Business And OfLine Busnuis In Google My Business And Add Your Website And Article And Put Your Link Into Your Google My Business Account Website And Article.


This Is The Process To Promot Your Blog In Many Platform In Different Different Category And Niche You Can Submit You Video Submission And Audio Submission Or Image Submission Or Pdf And Ptt And Also Directory Submission.

Directories Submissions

This Will Help You To Promote Your Web Page In Directories Like - United state Directories And Other Country Directories, Directory Submissions Is A Process To Submit A Website Url on several businesses And Other directories or web directories with intention of creating a backlink. To Submit Your Website And Web Page Url In Directory In A Category.

These Are The Directories Submission Websites

    Image Submission

    There Are So Many Image Submission Websites Like Facebook And Pinterest And You Can Add Pictures On Facebook Fan Page And Promote Your Picture With Your Link So Go And Upload Your Image With Some Information With Your Link When People Visit In Your Image They Redirect To Your Link in Your Website.

    These Are The Image Submission Websites

    Audio Submission

    When You Submit Your Audio In A Audio Sharing Platform Like Soundcloud And More And You Promote Your Content In A Audio Version And You Put You Main Text And Blog Content Link In The Description Off Audio Content.

    These Are The Audio Submission Websites

      Video Submission

      This Is The Same Process Like Other Submission But In Case You Are Producing Video And Upload Your Video In Platforms Like Youtube And Dailymotion And More And Talk About Your Text Content And Your Blog Or Website And Put Link In The Description Section , When Someone View Your Video They Also Visit Your Description Url, In Case You Are Promoting Your Website And Blog In Different Variations And Formats.

      These Are The Video Submission Websites

        PDF & PTT Submission

        When You Are Promoting Your Article And Link In Document Sharing Websites Like Slideshare And More In Case You Are Making A PDF Format And PTT Formate And Upload Your Work In Social Sharing Platform When Somone Visit In Your Profile And Link You Got More Benefits With It.

        These Are The Video Submission Websites
        • You Should Cheak You Website Link Error Or Broken Links First
        • Off Page Seo Is All About Promoting Your Content
        • Put Your Link In High Authority Websites
        • Don't Buy Links And Don't Do Other Black Hat Techniques
        • Learn Social Media Marketing And Link Buiding
        • Give Them Answer In Different Formate Like Video Audio Or Document And Promote Your Brand And Website 

        Read More

        On Page Seo; Optimize Your Web Page For Ranking

        On Page Seo; Optimize Your Web Page For Ranking

        This Page Is About How To Optimize Your ON PAGE SEO For Search Engine Results , In This Article I Will Show You How You Can Actually Rank You Web Page For Using My Tips And Techniques, I am Provide You The Specific Methods That's Nobody Gives You Before So If You Want To Optimize You On Page Seo For Search Engines Ranking Follow All The Steps That I'm Give You In Down Below After You Reading The Whole Article, The All Tips And Trick Apply In Your Own Page For Ranking.

        ON PAGE SEO

        On Page Seo
        On Page Seo

        What Is On Page Seo -

        On-page seo is the technique to optimize your web page in order to rank higher in search engine results.

        Title Tag

        Your Title Should Be Appealing And Attention Grabbing To Attract Audience To Click On Your Title For More Views And Sales.
        • Write Attention Grabbing And Appealing Title
        • First Load Your Main Keyword Into the Whole Title
        • Use Title Generators Like Portent Content Idea Generator And More
        • Title Should Be Related To Your Niche
        • Use SERP Preview Tool For Optimize Your Title Tag

        Title Generators
        Title Generators

        Meta Description

        Meta Description Describe Your Whole Blog Content In Few Words, To Attract People To Read the Whole Article. Meta Description Is The Short Summary Of Your Whole Blog Post What Is Your Page About, This Will Help Your Audience to Understand Your Whole Content Without Open Up Your Content.
        • Your First 100 Characters Should be Appealing In Total Of 320 Characters.
        • Use SERP Preview Tool For Optimize Your Meta Description
        • Bold Your Main Keyword In Meta Description
        • Try To Grab Attention For Audience Write About Your Main Keyword
        SERP Preview Tool
        SERP Preview Tool

        Heading Tags

        This Is Most Important For Crawling Your Website And Page In Search Engine And Its Also Help To Understand Your Content Easily, Everyone Easily Read Your Article A to Z Wise Which Is Main Part And Which Is Sub Part Of Main Part.
        • Use Headings Like H1, H2, H3 In Your Article
        • Don't Overuse A Single Heading In Your Article
        • H1 Is Your Title And H2 Is Sub Part Of Your Title And H3 Micro Part Of Your Title

        Seo Friendly URL

        Your Url And Web Page Address Should Be Seo Friendly, Which Is Everyone Can  Easily Read and Understand Your URL A Human And Also The Google Bots And Crawlers.
        • Target Your Main Keyword In Your Url
        • Always Use Short Url
        • Don't Use Space In Your URL
        • Always Use Custom Url
        • Don't Use Year In Your Url If You Want A Evergreen Blog Post


        Always Use Multimedia Like Images, Videos, Infographic, Charts And More Visual Contents In Your Blog Post Because A Picture Says Thousands of Words, And Nobody Want To Read The Whole Boring Blog Post So Try Your Blog Look More Entertaining.
        • Embed Youtube Videos In Your Article
        • Use Infographic In Your Article
        • Use Charts, Screen Shorts And More Detailed Information About Your Article
        • Use Canva For Making Amazing Pictures Thumbnails And Banners

        Image Optimization

        Whenever You Use Images In Your Article Your Images Should Be Optimize For Your Article, Give The Right Direction Of Your Image According To Which Topic Is About Your Image, Your Image Should Be Related To Your Topic Heading And Your Image Should Be Comprised.
        • Use Alignment For Optimize Your Image
        • Use Link In Your Image
        • Choose Responsive Size Of Your Image
        • Use TinyPng For Comprised Your Image
        • Optimize Image For Your Heading

        First 100 Words

        When Ever You Write Your Article Your 100 Words Is More Visible For Other Words So Try To Write More Appealing Things In Your 100 Words In Your Article, Convert Someone To Read Your Whole Blog Post For Increasing Your Page Dwell Time.
        • Paste Your Meta Description In First 100 Words
        • Convert Someone To Read Your Whole Blog
        • Write Something Which Is Solve Someone Problems


        Whenever You Try To Rank You Web Page For Using On Page Seo Techniques Link Is So Important In Ranking Factors If Your Web Page Have Quality Links That's More Chance To Rank Fast In Google.

        Outbound Links

        Whenever You Put Link In Your Webpage From Other Website And Pages For Resources That Kind Of Link Called Outbound Links.
        • Your Outbound Links Should Be High-Quality Links
        • Your Outbound Links Should Be From Trusted Website
        • Use Outbound In Specific Location In Your Blog Post

        Internal Link

        Internal Linking Is Important For, On Page Seo Whenever You Use Internal Link In Your Article, You Expand Your Article For More Views In Your Website, Internal Link Is Part Of Your Website Other Links.
        • Use Internal Link A Specific Location
        • Always Add Related Internal Links 
        • Don't Over Load Internal Links

        Mobile Optimize Page

        Your Web Page Should Be Mobile Optimize A Result Shows People Using Mobile For Surfing The Internet So Your Web Page ISnt Optimize For Mobile Page You're Lossing The Massive Audience Who Use Mobile.
        • Use Responsive Template
        • Use Compressed Images And More Multimedia
        • Make Sure Your Website Is Light Waight And Responsive


        This Is The Important Factor Of On Page Seo If Your Page Speed Is Too Slow And Taking Time In Loading People Gonna Bounce Back To Your Website And Click Other Website For Results So Try To Boost Your Website And Web Page Speed.
        • Use Comprised Multimedia
        • Use Pro Template 
        • Use Light Weight Template
        • If You Are Using Wordpress Use Amp And Cloud Fare And Other Plugins Like Wp Catch
        Image Compressed
        Image Compressed

        LSI Keywords

        Latent semantic analysis Called Lsi Keyword WhenEver You Type Something In Google Then Google Suggest You Some Keyword That Kind Of Words Called LSL Keywords And Also After You Searching Something In Google, Google Suggest Related Keywords That Kind Of Keywords Which Google More Prefer To Rank In Listing So Try To Use LSL Keywords In Your Article.
        • Use LSI Keyword In Specific Location In Your Article
        • Don't Over Load The LSI Keywords

        Social Sharing Buttons

        If You Want To More People Know Your Article Use Social Share Button In Your Website And Web Page, This Will Make A Sharing Chain For More Views And Sale Because You Can't Share Everywhere Or Everyone.
        • Use ShareThis And SUMO For Adding Buttons In Your Page
        • Use WhatsApp Button In Your Web Page And Website
        • Use Correct Links In Your Buttons

        Article Lenght

        Your Article Lenght Will Effect Your Ranking Cheak Your Competition What Other People Write About The Topic And Try To Beat Them In Article Length If You Are Using This Method Your Dwell Time And Ranking Will Boost In Search Results.
        • Always Write an In-Depth Article
        • Context Should Be Related To Your Title 
        • Beat Your Competitors
        • Increase Quality Not Quantity
        • Write High-Quality Long Lengjt Article For Taking So Much Time 

        Dwell Time

        Dwell time is a metric that calculates user engagement, session duration, and SERP CTRs, The Average Time Spend In A Web Page And Website Called Dwell Time If You Write Something God Your Dwell Time Boost So Try To Write Quality Content That Increase Your Dwell Time.
        • Write Something Amazing
        • Write High-Quality Content
        • Write Problem Solving Content
        • Put Something Which Is Grabbing Attention For Stuck People Into Your Webpage


        Your Content Should Be Easily To Read And Perfect, Grammer Should Be Perfect For Understand The Each Single Words If Your Copy Writing Skills Is Low You Lose Your Ranking So Try To Build A Skill In Grammer And Content Writing.


        Your Web Page Usability Should Be God, Whenever Surf Your Webpage They Can Easily Use Your Web Page Without Any Errors And Problems
        • Widgets And Navigation Menu Should Be Proper Location
        • Template Should Be Pro 
        • Every Menu And Button Should Work Properly
        • Use Seositecheakup For Checking Your Usability And Error

        Target Your Keyword

        You, Web Page, Should Be Targeted To Your Main Keyword, If You Want To Rank In Google You Should Target A Single Keyword In Your Whole Page.
        • Check You Competition Before Building A Web Page
        • Don't Try To Keyword Stuffing In Your Web Page

        Simplicity And Readability

        A Webpage Using So Many Words And ChachtarWithout Using Any Images, Visual And Multimedia Nobody Gonna Read Their Web Page So If You Really Want To Rank Your Web Page In Search Engine Your Content Should Be Simple And Easily To Read Don't Make Complicated Content Always Try Simple And Useful Content Which Everyone Can Understand Easily.
        • Use Simple Images And Videos
        • Bold And Italic Something Which Is Important
        • Use Capital Alphabet If Something Important
        • Make Eye-Catching Content That Easily Visible For Everone

        Plagiarism Free

        This Is So Important In On Page Seo If You Write Copywrite (Plagiarism) Content You Never Gonna Rank In Your Life So Try To Make You Own Fresh And Unique Content For Audience And If You Are Using A Little Part Of Other Content Creators Give Them Credit Of You Can Ask Something Before You Write Your Article.
        • Use Plagiarism Checker For Cheak Your Content Is Copyright Or Not
        • Make Fresh And Unique Content
        • Give Credit If You Are Using Others Content

        Optimize For Google Updates

        Time To Time Google Change Their Algorithm And Add More Updates In There Algorithm For Making Google Perfect Provider, So If You Are A Content Creator You Should Be Updated For New Algorithm

        Keyword Density

        Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase Using on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page And If According To Your Keyword Density You Main Keyword And Phrase You Are Using Many Time And Right Location Your Web Page Ranking Chance Will Boost.
        • I am Using Wordcounter For Checking Keyword Density
        • Don't Over Load And Keyword Stuff Your Main Keyword
        • Try To Be Natural 

        Keyword Density
        Keyword Density


        Try To Build You Engagement For More Views And Sales If Your Web Page Content Is Engaging The Chance Of Ranking In Google Will Boost Because Engagement Make A Chain That Makes Your Content Viral.
        • Try To Make Something In Storyline
        • Try To Make Something Easily Cathing For Mind
        • Try To Make Something Emotional
        • Use Local Language For Your Located Audience 

        On Page Seo



        If You Are Writing Something In Your Web Page Which Is Problem Solving And Eye Catching Nobody Gives You Bounce Back Try To Give More And More Values For Your Audience when You Will Work Your Quality You Never Loose In Your Blogging Career And On Page Seo Is About Making Your Web Page Perfect As You Can 

        Local Seo : Rank Your Local Business Today

        Local Seo : Rank Your Local Business Today

        This Blog Is About Local Seo And This Will Grow Your Offline And Online Business Fast Even You LL Get More Sales In Your Products and service because we all know online audience is so massive you can't achieve the results in offline compared to online platform so if you want to list your online business and service you should know the whole process and seo how to set up my online business and how can rank in search engine for more organic results so if you want to know how to set up your online business and how to rank them in google search read my whole blog carefully I hope you will like it.

        LOCAL SEO 

        Local Seo

        What Is Local Seo -

         Local Seo Is Similar To Search Engine Optimization But If You Want To Grow Your Offline In Online Platform You Can List Your Service And Product And Your Shop Online So Question Is That How Can I List My Business Online So Google Provide Us A Platform Called Google My Busnuis You Can List You BusnuisOnline Free And They Also Provide You Free Website And The Process Of listing Your Business Online In First Page Of Google Called Local Seo .

        Set Up Google My Business Account

        The Main Part Of Local Seo Is Google My Business So If You Want To List Your Business And Online Service In Online You Should Have A Platform Google Provide Us Google My Busius Platform And Also Provide The Free Website Into Google My Business Platform So If You Wanna List Your Online Business Follow All The Steps Carefully.

        Step 1

        • Go to the google and type google my business and 
        • click on the result for making your business online 
        • when if someone wants to get your service online they can easily asses your service.

        set up Google My Business
        set up Google My Business

        Step 2

        • Click On Start Now
        • You Can Sign In If You Are Loggin First Time

        Set Up Google My Business
        Set Up Google My Business

        Step 3

        • Type Your Business Name
        • And Click On Next

        Set Up Google My Business
        Set Up Google My Business

         Step 4

        • Put Your Right Address
        • Click On Both Tabs And Click Next

        Set Up Google My Business
        Set Up Google My Business

        Step 5

        • Put Your Service Area In Kilometers
        • This Is The Distance Around Your Business Location
        • And You Can Put Specific Area Here 
        • And Click Next To Other Steps

        Set Up Google My Business
        Set Up Google My Business

        Step 6

        • Choose Your Business Category
        • This Will Help To Customer To Find Your Service Easily

        Set Up Google My Business
        Set Up Google My Business

         Step 7

        • Add Contacts Details Which You Wanna Show To Your Audience
        • Add If You Are Have A Website
        • Google MyBusnius Provide Us Free Website Click On Free 

        Set Up Google My Business
        Set Up Google My Business

         Step 8

        1. You Successfully Finis All The Steps
        2. Now Click On FinisH For More Settings Or Customizations

        Set Up Google My Business
        Set Up Google My Business

         Step 9

        This Is The Homepage Of Your MyBusinus Account

        Set Up Google My Business
        Set Up Google My Business

         Step 10

        • Write Your First Post And Article 
        • Article Should Be Related To Your Business

        Set Up Google My Business
        Set Up Google My Business

         Step 11

        • This Is The Info Tab Cheak Your All Information Here
        • Add Hours Of Your Service
        • Add Your Business Description And More Information

        Set Up Google My Business
        Set Up Google My Business

         Step 12

        • Add Photos Related To Your Business
        • Add Cover Photo, And Profile Photo 
        • Add Your Business Logo
        Set Up Google My Business
        Set Up Google My Business

         Step 13

        • Make Your Business Website
        • Choose Theme Which You Want
        • Add Text Related To Your Business 
        • Add Images Into Your Website 
        • Then View Your Website

        Google My Business Website
        Google My Business Website

         Step 14

        • Check How to Look Your Website 
        • This Is How Your Website Look When Someone SeaRCH On Google
        • Add More Information And Customization If You Want To Change

        Google My Business On Map
        Google My Business On Map

         Step 15

        • Click On Verify Location
        • Put Your Location Which You Wanna Verify

        Set Up Google My Business
        Set Up Google My Business

         Step 16

        • Check Your Address Twice
        • After 12 Days You Will Get The Postcard

        Google My Business Postcard
        Google My Business Postcard


        Google My Business VerifiCATION Pin
        Google My Business VERIFICATION Pin

         Step 17

        • Now This Time To Verify Your Business Location
        • Add The Code And Click On Verify
        • Finally, You Verify Your Business Now 

        Google My Business Code
        Google My Business Code


        Final Words

        If You Want To Grow Your Business Online You Should Know To Add Your Business Online And Also You Should Have Some Knowledge Of Seo, Local Seo Is The Best Way To Increased Your Sale Organic In Google Search, List Your Business Online Because Online Community Is Infinite Compare To Offline Area.