How To Start A Blog ( Step By Step For Beginners)

This Blog is about How To Start A Blog Step By Step For Beginners and after the end of the blog you are able to make a successful blog so if you want to be a successful blogger you are right place and this blog is only for who don't know how to start a blog I am going start with the scratch so keep calm and read my whole blog carefully I think it will help you to become the pro blogger.

How To Start A Blog 

How To Start A Blog
How To Start A Blog

  1. Choose A Platform 

There are many platforms to start a blogging career.
    Blogger Vs Wordpress
    Blogger Vs Wordpress

    2  Pick A Blog Platform - 

    because blog spot is easy to understand and simple I'm going to choose blogger.
    • Go to the google and type blogger.
    • click on the first result.

    Blogger In Google
    Blogger In Google

    3 Create Your Blog - 

    This is the first step in your blogger dashboard.
    • Before the dashboard, you were redirected to your Google account.
    • click on the create the new blog

    Create Your Blog
    Create Your Blog

    4 Choose Title / address / template 

    • Choose the title of your blog as I am making a movie website so I am choosing that title
    • Choose the blog address that you want in your website
    • check it is available or not if it's not available to make Lil bit different in the address
    • you can add a custom domain name to your blog address
    • Choose a relevant template for your blog so it looks beautiful when someone read your blog
    • in my case, I am choosing a simple template

    Blogger Settings

    5 Google domains beta 

    • if you want to add a custom domain name quickly so you can pick a domain name Google will provide you as you want
    • in my case, I don't have money to buy a custom domain name 
    • so I am clicked on no thanks

    Google Domain Beta
    Google Domain Beta

    • I Am Using BlueHost Becuase This Is The Best Web Hosting


    6 Settings - basic - Title

    • The title is the most important thing in your blog
    • choose a title relevant to your niche 
    • choose that niche which you have massive knowledge about that
    • use 6 - 12 words in your title and add that words in the title which you wanna rank in google

    Basic Settings On Blogger
    Basic Settings On Blogger

    7 Description -

    The description is the short summary of your whole blog if someone read your description they will decide what kind of information your website has which them wanna know

    • use 500 characters in your description
    • add that specific words and keyword in your description which you wanna rank
    • write the relevant description which is related to your niche 

     Description in Blogger
     Description in Blogger

    8 HTTPS redirect - 

    If you want safe and secure blogging click, yes to https redirect

    • Click on yes if you want a safe secure blog
    • while you click yes it will take 10 min to load your website

    HTTPS redirect In Blogger

    9 Post, Comment, And Sharing - 

    In this section, you can manage how many posts you want to your home page and which kind of comments you want to your website.

    • Show at most - in my case I want 7 posts on my home page to customize as you want
    • who can comment - in my case I choose a user with a google account you can click anyone also as you want
    • Comment moderation- When someone comments on your blog and you don't wanna put into your blog without your permission

    Post, Comment, And Sharing
    Comment Settings In Blogger

    10 Search Preference - Meta Description -

    Meta Description is helped google robots and crawler to crawl your website and understand your website

    • enable your meta description 
    • add most target keyword into your meta description
    • add 150 words into your meta description
    • keywords should be relevant to your niche (topic)

    Search Preference In Blogger
    Search Preference In Blogger

     11 Custom Robot Txt? -

     these tags help to allow to crawl your website content.

    • Enable Custom Robot Txt content click on yes
    • copy the custom robot txt which is I give in down below 

    Custom robots.txt
    Custom robots.txt 

    Copy That Custom Robot Txt ↷↧

    User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /search
    Allow: /

    Paste That Custom Robot Txt ↷↧

    • before you paste the code edit your website link in sitemap: section
    • paste and save custom robot txt
    Custom robots.txt
    Custom robots.txt 

    12 Custom Robot header Tags -

    You can give permission which page you wanna allowed to crawl in your blog and which you don't wanna.

    • Homepage - all and noodp
    • archive and search page - noindex and noodp
    • default for post and pages - all and noodp

    Custom robots header tags
    Custom robots header tags

    13 Create a new post -

    let's start creating the blog and create your first blog.
    • start your blog journey here and create your first blog
    • click on create a new post

    Create A New Post In Blogger
    Create A New Post In Blogger

    14 Label - 

    create a category of your people understand which field you are working.
    • in my case, my website is about the movie so I give the category Hollywood 
    • a category is helped to understand your content
    • click on the label section and give a category and click done.

    Labels In Blogger
    Labels In Blogger

    15 Permalink -

     your specific blog address called permalink by default its done automatically and you can customize as you want.

    • always use custom permalink it will help you in SEO ranking factors
    • shorts URL is better than long URL
    • add a relevant URL for your content target keyword 
    • Example of Url Structure - this is the right structure of URL and the wrong structure is here$6.html

    Permalink In Blogger
    Permalink In Blogger

    16 location -

     add the location where you are staying

    • when you add a location google under where you locate
    • location help in ranking which place you wanna rank your post
    • target your location in your blog post

    Location In Blogger
    Location In Blogger

    17 Search Description -

    if you add a search description people understand your whole content which is about and then if it is relevant they click on your content. 
    • Add A short search description it will help to understand your content is about 
    • it will boost your ranking in google because google understand your content 
    • describe the short summary of your whole blog 

    Search Description In Blogger
    Search Description In Blogger

    18 Custom Robot Tags  -

    custom robot tags it will give you the rights what you don't wanna crawl in your post.

    • unteek and remove teek on default and un default the custom robots tags
    • then click done 
    • your blog is ready now 

    Custom Robot Tags In Blogger
    Custom Robot Tags In Blogger

    This is how your blog look after the whole process

    Hindi Movie Blog In Blogger
    Hindi Movie Blog In Blogger
    Look Your First Blog In Blogger
    Look Your First Blog In Blogger

    Conclusion ↴
    1. Find A Blogging Platform 
    2. Choose A Template 
    3. Pick A Domain Name Other Wise Use Blogger Domain 
    4. Work On A Niche (Topic) 
    5. Just Start Writing Article 
    6. Monetize Your Blog Post

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