Complete Guide to Off-Page SEO

This Article Is About Complete Guide To Off Page SEO And You Will Learn How You Can Optimize Your Off Page Seo For Better Ranking In Google Search And Building Authority Of Your Domain , So If You Want To Boost Your Domain Trust Rank Read The Whole Article Care Fully And Apply In You Own Blog This Will Change Help You To Get More Visitors To Your Blog.

Complete Guide to Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO
Off-Page SEO

What Is Off Page Seo 

Off Page Seo Is A Technique To Build Your Domain Authority To Link Your Website With Other Platforms, It Will Help You To Grow You Brand Awareness And Popularity And Also In Google Ranking.

Off-Page SEO
Off-Page SEO

Link Building

Link Building Is A Process To Increase Your Url Numbers In Other Platforms And Building A Chain For Boost You Website Trust Rank And Authority, And If You Are Using This Technique In Right Way Your Website Ranking Will Boost Because When Google Crawl Others Websites Your Link Inside Their Website Google Also Crawl Your Website Too.

Competitor Backlinks

When You Wanna Rank Your Website In First Page And You Have Many Competitors, In That Case, You Should Analyze There Backlinks And Other Trafic Source, And Then Make Your Backlinks In Same As The Competitors Websites, Use Semrush And Ahref Tool For Analysis Competitors Backlinks In Beat Them In Gooogle Ranking.

Broken Link Building

Find Broken Links In Your Website And Cheak What Is The Error And Problems And Fix Them And You Can Use Broken Link Checker, And Find Those websites Who Have Broken Links Too And Send Them A Email Properly To Fix Them And Also Request For A Guest Post And Credit Something For Pin Link On Their Website

Link Bait

Link Baiting Is A Part Of Link Building But Its Totally Different So When Someone Sees Your Web Page And Article Website And Other Your Url And People Like Your Post So Much And They Link Your Article Url Into Their Website And Blog, This Is Totaly Naturally But Your Content Should Be High Quality And Problem Solving, Link Bait Shows Your Success Rate.

Image Bait 

When You Are Search A Image On Google By Google Image And In Search Listing You Find The Real Owner Of Image And You Are Also See The Other Results Who Also Use The Same Image In Their Blog And Website Now Send Them A Email  Like -

Hi, ( Blog Owner Name )

I'm just looking something on the Web then I Visit On your site and I Notice that you have to use some copyrighted images. It's okay to Use unless you give credit to "" in your blog post. 

I Hope You Understand. Regards

Parveen Chetiwal

Now When They See You Image They Give You A Backlinks Into Their Website This Is The Image Bait Technique Strategies.

Comments Links

When You Sees A Article And You Are Commenting On Comment Section And Your Are Filling Your Information Like Name, Email Or Url Then You Are Puting Your URL This Process Gives You A No Follow Backlink

Anchor Text Of The Link

This Will Make You Text Clickable And Provide A Value And Destination Of You Text So Use Anchor Text In Your Links And Right  Exact Text Name, File Name And Right Destination Url Which You Want.

Link Exchange Scheme

Link schemes Is A Process When You Buy Salling Links From Any Websites Like Fiver And Upwork And If You Are Using In A Wrong Way You Got Penalty From Google, Because of This Is a violation of Google's Webmaster Guidelines. Use It In A Right Way As A White Hat Techniques, Don't Try To Fool Algorithm.

Web 2.0

When You Making So Many Website In Many Platforms And You Are Making A PBN (Private Backlink Networks ) And You Wrote Different Articles In Different Different Platforms And Pining You Link In Every Article This Technique Called Web 2.0 Backlinks Strategies.

These Are The Web 2.0 Website 


An Online Discussion Website Where People Descusse About There Website Niche Problems And Other Related Terms About A Specific Website And Niche And There Category And People Like You Responds There Problems With A Article Include Your Link This Will  Help To Grow Your Website Traffic And This Will Build Your Website Authority When People Find High-Quality Content In Your Website.

There Are The Forums Websites

Q And A Websites

Submit Your Article In Question And Answer Websites Like Quora And More Similar Like Quora Sign Up To Quora And Choose A Category Which You Are Know About And Quora Notify You When Someone Ask A Question In Your Category Or Niche And Answer Them People And Put Your Link Into The Answer Article And Write Copyrighted Article For Answer And Your Answer Should Be Problem Solving, And Complete Their Task Which They Want.

Guest Blogs

This Is The Most Important Part In Off Page Seo And If You Want Real Trafic Write A Blog Post In Others Websites Which Is Similar To Your Niche And Category And Put You Link Into Your Link, The Best Part Is Guest Post You Got Do Follow Link In The Body Of The Article, So Go And Write High-Quality Guest Post.

Social Media Marketing

Today Every One Using Social Media Like Facebook  And Twitter So Why You Are Not Getting Profit For This Platform Social Media Marketing Is The Process To Promote Your Content And Service In Social Media.

Profile Creation Sites

In These Day You Can See So Many Profile Creation Websites Like Facebook Instagram Twitter And LinkedIn Or More Go There And Make Your Own Profile And Put Your Website Link In The About Section In Workplace, When Someone Arrived In Your Profile They Can See Where Are You Work And They Also Can See Your Work And Article And Write Articles And Publish On Social Media For More Visitors .

Social Bookmarking

When You Wanna Bookmark Your Webpage And Store Or Organize Your Web Page Social Bookmarking Websites Help You To Save Web Page On The Internet, You Can Also Promote Your Web Page In Social Bookmarking Website When Someone Sees Your Page Your Trafic Will Increase.

These Are The Social Bookmarking Websites

Laying Out Your Internal Pages

Make Sure Your Internal pages, menus and navigation works proper and all links you provide in your pages and other widget works perfect and also check in your Google search console if you have some issue fix them

Brand Awareness

Promoting Your Website And Blog Or Content As A Brand Also A Terms Of Off Page Seo You Can Promot Your Article In Google Adwords Or Facebook Ads Campaign And Take Advantage Of The Targeted Audience.

Local Listing

Setup Your Local Business And OfLine Busnuis In Google My Business And Add Your Website And Article And Put Your Link Into Your Google My Business Account Website And Article.


This Is The Process To Promot Your Blog In Many Platform In Different Different Category And Niche You Can Submit You Video Submission And Audio Submission Or Image Submission Or Pdf And Ptt And Also Directory Submission.

Directories Submissions

This Will Help You To Promote Your Web Page In Directories Like - United state Directories And Other Country Directories, Directory Submissions Is A Process To Submit A Website Url on several businesses And Other directories or web directories with intention of creating a backlink. To Submit Your Website And Web Page Url In Directory In A Category.

These Are The Directories Submission Websites

    Image Submission

    There Are So Many Image Submission Websites Like Facebook And Pinterest And You Can Add Pictures On Facebook Fan Page And Promote Your Picture With Your Link So Go And Upload Your Image With Some Information With Your Link When People Visit In Your Image They Redirect To Your Link in Your Website.

    These Are The Image Submission Websites

    Audio Submission

    When You Submit Your Audio In A Audio Sharing Platform Like Soundcloud And More And You Promote Your Content In A Audio Version And You Put You Main Text And Blog Content Link In The Description Off Audio Content.

    These Are The Audio Submission Websites

      Video Submission

      This Is The Same Process Like Other Submission But In Case You Are Producing Video And Upload Your Video In Platforms Like Youtube And Dailymotion And More And Talk About Your Text Content And Your Blog Or Website And Put Link In The Description Section , When Someone View Your Video They Also Visit Your Description Url, In Case You Are Promoting Your Website And Blog In Different Variations And Formats.

      These Are The Video Submission Websites

        PDF & PTT Submission

        When You Are Promoting Your Article And Link In Document Sharing Websites Like Slideshare And More In Case You Are Making A PDF Format And PTT Formate And Upload Your Work In Social Sharing Platform When Somone Visit In Your Profile And Link You Got More Benefits With It.

        These Are The Video Submission Websites
        • You Should Cheak You Website Link Error Or Broken Links First
        • Off Page Seo Is All About Promoting Your Content
        • Put Your Link In High Authority Websites
        • Don't Buy Links And Don't Do Other Black Hat Techniques
        • Learn Social Media Marketing And Link Buiding
        • Give Them Answer In Different Formate Like Video Audio Or Document And Promote Your Brand And Website 

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        ON PAGE SEO 

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