Blogger Features Explained - Blogger Settings That Nobody Tell You

Blogger Features Explained
Blogger Features Explained

Setting  ↘

Basic   ↴

Title - Title Is Your Blog Topic And Your Blog Niche Heading, So Write Your Title Which Is Relevant To Your Niche And Idea.

Description - Description Is Summary Of Your Whole Blog What Is Your Blog About And Which Terms You Are Gonna Describe In Your Blog.

Privacy -  Click Yes To Add your blog to our listings?  If You Want To List Your Blog In Google Search Engine

Click Yes To Let search engines find your blog? If You Want Search Engine Crawl Your Website.

Publishing  ↴

Blog Address -  Your Domain Name And Your Website Address Called Blog Address Like Is My Blog Address

Set Up Third Party Url To Your Blog - If You Want To Add Third Party Url Like .com And .in Etc SO This Case Third Party Url Help You To Attach Your Domain Name To Your Blog


Https Redirect -  If You Want Your Website Safe And Secure So Click Yes To Https.

Permission  ↴

Blog Author - In This Section, You Can Add More Members In Your Blog And You Make Other Admin And Authors.

Blog Reader - Click Yes To Public If You Want The Whole Public Read Your Blog

  • Click To Private  If You Want Private If You Want Only Blog Author Can Read Your Blog
  • Click Yes To Private If You Want Only You Can Read Your Blog.

Post, Comment, And Sharing Settings 

Post  ↴

Show At Most - How Many Post You Want In Your Home Page And Main Page

Post Template - Post Template Is Pre Formate The Post Editor With Text Or Code That Will Appear Every Time You Create A New Post

Show Case Image With Lightbox - If You Want Your Image Will Visible As A Lightbox When You Click On Your Image So Click Yes To  Showcase images with Lightbox?

Comments  ↴

Comment Location -  Where And How Comment Button Show In Your Blog 

  • Full Page If You Want Your Comment Show In As A Full Page
  • Pop Up Window If You Want Your Comment Show In As A Pop-Up
  • Hide If You Want Your Comment Is Hide

Who Can Comment -  This Is You Give Permission Who Can Comment On Your Blog
  • Anyone - includes Anonymous UserA user
  • A user with Have Google Accounts 
  • Only members of this blog Website

Comment Moderation - If You Want Whenever Someone Comment On Your Blog And You Don't Want Comment Publish Directly So Click Always For Moderation And If You Want Sometime Or Never So Click On Them

Show Word Verification - Click On YesWhen Ever Someone Comment On Your Blog Provide A Verification Ther The Other Commenters For Spam Comment

Comment From Message - If You Want To Give A Special Message To Them Who Comment In Your Blog
Example - Thank you for your lovely Comment We Will Approve After Review


Post Using Email - Choose Your Posting Email Which Email You Are Use For Post Your Article

  • Add A Secret Word For Publishing For Other Device
  • Click To If You Want Publish Email Imdetly 
  • Save Email As A Draft If You Don't Want

Comment Notification Email - If You Want Your Comment Notification In Your Email

Email Post To - If You Want To Send Your Blog Post To an Email

Language And Formatting Settings 

Language - 
Choose Your Language ( Hindi/English)

Enable transliteration? - 
 If You Want To Translate Your Language Click Enabled Translate

Formatting  ↴

Time Zone -
Add Your City Time Zone ( India Standard Time )

Date Header Format? -
Which Formate You Want Your Date In Your Header Section


Timestamp Format -
This Is Your Time Formate Like Similor To Date Formate

Comment Timestamp Format -
This Is The Comment Timing Formate

Search Preferences 

Meta tags  ↴

Description?  - 
Enable search description? If You Want To Rank Your Website Click Yes

This Is Your Meta Description Of Your Blog Write Something Is Related To Your Blog And Relevant To Your Blog And Sprinkle Your Main Keywords Use 150 Relevant Keyword This Will Help Crawler To Understand Your Website Is Which Topic Is About

Errors and redirections 

Custom Page Not Found? -
Custom Page Not Found Is Bassicly 404 Page When Your Page Is Not In Your Blog And In Case When Someone Type Wrong Web Address After Your Domain Name

  • Click Edit And Set A Custom 404 Page For User When Come To Your 404 Page

<div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">
<a href="" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;"><img border="0" src=""/></a></div>
<br />
<span style="color: red;"><b>Oops! 404 File or Directory Not Found</b></span><br />
<br />
<br />
Go to our&nbsp;<span style="color: red;"><b><a href="" target="_blank">Home page</a></b></span> to explore more...........<br />
<br />
<div>Contact With us <b><a href="" target="_blank">Contact us</a></b></div>

Custom Redirects? -
If You Want To Redirect ( Change ) Your Specific Page To Other Page And You Want To Move Your Trafic To Other Your Other Page

Permanent: ➤

Save | Cance

Crawlers and indexing 

Warning! Use with caution. Incorrect use of these features can result in your blog being ignored by search engines.

Google Search Console  -
Click Edit If You Want To Add Your Website In Google Search Consol For Listing Your Website In Google Search Result 

Custom robots.txt? -
Click Enable  In Case If You Want A Page, You Want To Allow To Robot Crawl Your Content And If You Don't Want Search Engine Robots Crawl Your Post And Blog For Disallow

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google


User-agent: *

Disallow: /search

Allow: /


Custom robots header tags? - 
You Are Giving Permission For Search Engine Robots Which Page You Want To Add In Search Engine And Which You Don't Want To Index And You Don't Want To Show In Search Engines.

  1. Homepage: all / noodp
  2. Archive and Search pages: noindex/noodp 
  3. The default for Posts and Pages: all /noodp

Monetization  ↴

Custom ads.txt?  -
 Custom Ads Txt Is Similar To Auto ADS In Google Adsense If You Are Add Custom ADS Txt Your Ads Automatically Run According To Device Mobile And Desktop.

  • Then Copy The Code And Paste Into Custom Ads Txt Section.

Other Settings 

Import & back up  ↴

Content (pages, posts & comments -
If You Want To Import Your Already Save Content AND If You Want to Save Your Blog Backups And Details Like Post And Comments

Videos from your blog -
If You Want To Manage Your Uploaded Videos In Your Blog

Delete blog 

Remove your blog If You Want To Delete Your Blog.

Site feed 

Allow Blog Feed?  -
If You Are Using Feed Burner And Email Provider In Your This Section Is Command Section How You Want To Set Your Feeds.As Full Page And Short Or Jump Break Or None Or Custom.

Post Feed Redirect URL? - Add Your Email Provider In Url Here ( Feed Burner)

Post Feed Footer? - If You Want To Add Something In Your Footer Like Social Link, Ads Links Etc

Enable Title Links and Enclosure Links? - If You Want To Add Your Custom Title Link Like A Page Name Is XYZ and Your Want Your User See Is As ABC So In Case of Enable Title Link Will Help You.
And the enclosure link is utilized to make Podcasts, enclosing documents pdf or ePub from Google Drive Like Video And Mp3.

Adult Content 

Adult Content?? -
If You Website Is About 18+ Adult Website Then Click To Yes And If Your Website Is Normal Then CLick NO

Google Analytics  ↴

Analytics Web Property ID? -
Add Your Google Analytics Tracking Id Here

User Settings 


User profile Blogger 
How You Want To Access Your Website As A Blogger User Or As A Google Plus Profile User.

Use Blogger Draft -
Click Yes If You Want To Add New Features In Future In Your Blogger Post.

  • Just Click On It And Cheak If New Feature Is Available 

Language ↴
Language on -Your Blogger Language.

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