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Hi guys, today in this article I will show you how you can create a business e-mail for free of cost. After reading this article, rather than using a normal e-mail like, you will be using, which looks very professional. To follow this tutorial, you must have a domain name. This whole tutorial is divided into three steps, as follows:

Create an account in Improvmx:

Improves forwards all the e-mails coming to your business e-mail to an inbox where you can read your mails. To create an account in Improvmx, go to Now, enter your domain name and your Gmail address and click on create a free alias.

Add the MX records and TXT entries to your DNS page:

Now go to your DNS management section. You will get your DNS management section from where you bought the domain like Godaddy or from where you have hosted it like Cloudflare and add the MX records and TXT entries, and you are done.

As I have hosted my domain in Cloudflare so, I have added all the entries in Cloudflare.

After that, add the new alias name and click on add, and your desired business e-mail is created for receiving mails.

As in the picture, any e-mail that comes to gets forwarded to my Gmail account

Send E-mails from your business E-mail account: 

 To send e-mails from our business e-mail account, we will use Gmail's free SMTP service where we can send 3000 e-mails per month. To use Gmail's SMTP service, you need to change a few things in your google account.

First, open your Gmail account and click on "manage your Google account."

Now in the search tab search, "Less secure app access." Make sure it is turned on.

Now click on Settings and from there click on See all settings. Once you clicked it, a whole settings menu will open, then choose 'Accounts and import."

Now you can see the option add another email address, once you click it a new dialog box will open, enter the name and email address like "" and click Next.

Now set the SMTP server as and enter the original email address in the username section and enter your password.

It will ask for OTP verification, enter the OTP that you received in your mail address, and you are done.

Now, while sending an email, you can choose the original email address or the custom one.

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