Awesome comment section for your blog.

Hey guys, welcome into another interesting article. This article will change the traditional comment system of the blogger into some cool and new one. Before that, here is some information about the new comment system that we are going to use.

  • It is ad-free.
  • It is quite responsive.
  • Looks unique and distinct.

Here is the look of the blogger comment section :

Here is the look of the new comment section that we are going to use:

The installation is pretty easy, follow the steps, and you are done.

1. First, go to this website (Hyvor Talk) and sign up over there.

2. Now, confirm your account by entering the six-digit code that you got in your mail.

3. Add your website name and domain.

4. Now, click on blogger, and click add to blogger, it will redirect to a new window. 

5. Now you need to add the widget in your blog.

Cool! Now, your blog has an excellent comment system. Enjoy it!


Well, this comment section is excellent even I am using it for my website. We will bring a list of widgets that you can use to make your blog look extremely stunning. But every blog needs to be optimized for SEO properly. If you don't know how to optimize your blog for SEO, check out this article:full-width
If this article helped you, then comment down below, and don't forget to share and thank you so much for spending your valuable time here.

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