Disable Text Selection Mode In Blogger in just 3 steps

This widget will save your content from getting copied. If your blog is new, then you must know about this widget, if you don't know, don’t worry, I will help you out to understand this widget and also to implement it. In this article, I will give a brief explanation about “ How to disable text selection mode in Blogger” and two generally straightforward and successful approaches to introduce this gadget.

Why is disabling selection mode necessary?

This gadget is overly helpful if your blog is new. Let me make you understand the importance of this widget with an example:

Assume your blog is new, and you published an awesome SEO-friendly post and obviously, your post won't rank easily in the initial days as your blog won’t have good DA, PA. Now, if any well-established blog copies your content and rewrites it, then their post will rank and they will get benefit from your article.

So, to prevent this you must have this widget in your blog.

How does this widget work?

If you wish to copy anything you must first select it. This widget blocks selection, which means you can not select anything. This is how this gadget spares your substance. 

How to install the “Disable Text selection mode” widget in your blog?

I will provide you two best methods to install this widget. The first method is very easy while the second method is a little bit complex. 

  • Using HTML/Javascript gadget in Layout
  • In the XHTML code of your Blogger 

You are recommended to go for the first method, if it does not work or you are getting confused go for the second method. Recollect both the methods are working and are overly compelling.

Method 1: Using HTML/Javascript gadget in Layout ( 3 steps):

1. First, go to your Blogger Dashboard then click on the layout section.

2. Now choose any section of your blog like header, footer, sidebar, or anywhere and you will be able to notice add a gadget option, click on that and choose HTML/Javascript.

3. A new window will open up to configure HTML/Javascript
In the title, section don’t put anything, and paste the code in the content section and click on save.


Quick rewind of steps:

Blogger Dashboard >> Layout >> Add a gadget >> HTML/Javascript >> Paste code in content >> Save

Method 2: In the XHTML code of your blogger ( 4 steps):

1. First, go to your Blogger dashboard.

2. Click on the theme and then choose Edit HTML.

3. Now a page will open up containing all the codes of your Blog.

4. Click once in the code and then press ctrl+F to open the search box. Now type <head> and find it. Paste the code below it and click on save.


And you are done, you have successfully installed the widget “Disabling text selection Mode” in your blog. You can choose any method but it is recommended to go with the first method.

Few FAQs:

Can I remove this widget from my blog?

Yes, you can remove this code whenever you want. 

For method 1: If you have installed the widget using the first method then just remove that HTML/Javascript Gadget and you are done.

For method 2: If you have installed the widget using the second method then go to the XHTML section and delete that particular script that you have pasted below <head> and click on save and you are done.

Why have I not used it on my blog?

I have not used this widget in my blog as I need to provide many widget’s codes which you need to copy and paste in your blog to get the results. For this reason, I have not installed this widget on my blog.

Can I use this widget on a particular page/post?

Yes, you can always use it on a particular page or post on your blog in just 3 steps. 

1. To use it on a particular page or post first go to that particular page or post from the page or post section in your Blogger dashboard.

2. Then choose the HTML view instead of Compose view.

3. Now the whole HTML code will open up for your post/page. Go to the last line of the code and paste the code right there. And then click on the update button. That’s it you are done.

In this way, you can install this widget on a particular page or post.


So, I hope you have learned how to install disable text selection mode in blogger. IF you are facing any kind of problems comment down below I will surely help you out.

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Thank You !!

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