How to add Google Analytics to Blogger 2020

If your intent is “How to add Google Analytics to Blogger” then you are in the right place. Today in this article you will get a brief explanation about How to add Google Analytics to the blogger site.

Blogger is the best place for a newbie to make their blogs. The UI of Blogger is super responsive moreover, it is free. So, everyone starts their blogging journey with Blogger only. Another interesting is that you can monetize your subdomains by Adsense. is the only subdomain that is accepted for monetizing through Google Adsense.

Google Analytics is another powerful tool offered by Google to understand your audience. It helps you track your business. Through Google Analytics you can check:

  • The number of visitors
  • The number of sessions created
  • Sources from which traffic is coming
  • Total number of page-views

You can too check the country, OS, and  Browser from which your blog is being accessed.

It has another interesting thing that you can check every activity of your blogger websites in real-time like real-time active users and etc. So, it is a great tool to track your traffic.

Why does Google Analytics need to be added to your blogger?

This is a very important question that might arrive in your mind whenever you are thinking to add Google Analytics. In Blogger we have an analytics tab where we can track our traffic then why Google Analytics. See, Blogger analytics is not accurate, you might have noticed that whenever you open the dashboard suddenly, the number of visitors starts to increase so the stats are inaccurate, for this reason, you must use Google Analytics.

Now, if you have made your mind, then follow the steps to know How to add Google Analytics in Blogger.

Let’s Start…

How to add Google Analytics to blogger site (7 steps)

1. To add Google Analytics in your Blogger website you must first create an account in Google Analytics. To create an account in Google Analytics just go to

Now you need to sign in.

2. As you sign in, you need to click on start measuring. Now, you need to create an account, so put the account name and click on next.

3. Select the Web section as we want to measure our website and then click on next.

4. You need to fill up the property details of your website which includes:

  • Website Name
  • Website URL
  • Industry Category
  • Reporting Time Zone

5. After filling up all these details click on  Create.

6. As you click on “create” two dialog boxes will open which will contain the Google Analytics Terms Of Service Agreement, read them and click on the check-boxes and click on “I accept”.

7. Now a page will open up containing the Tracking id and the code.  Now we will know “How to add Google Analytics Code in Blogger

First of all, we need to connect our tracking id with the blogger. To connect tracking id in blogger
Go to your blogger dashboard and then click on settings

Under the Basic tab, you get the option of Google Analytics Property ID, click over there and paste the analytics ID or tracking id and click on save.

Now, you need to add the Google Analytics code to the blogger. Here are some easy steps which you need to follow:

1. First copy the code from your Analytics dashboard.

2. Then go to your blogger dashboard click on the theme section and click on edit HTML.

3. Now the codes of your website will open up just click once in between the codes and press Ctrl+F. In the search dialog box enter <head>.

Now paste the code that you copied right under <head>

4. And finally, click on the SAVE button.

 In this way, you can simply add Google Analytics to Blogger.

Few FAQs:

How to check real-time users on your website?

You can check the real-time users on your website by the following ways:

Go to the real-time tab and then click on overview.
 Real Time>>Overview

How to check the number of visitors and info?

To check the number of visitors and info just click on the audience tab and select “overview” from there.

In this section, you can check the number of users on an Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Monthly basis as well as you can check the demographics too.

How to get back the tracking Id and code once it is lost?

It is very easy to get back the tracking Id and the analytics code. To get back the tracking Id and code follow the steps:

Click on the admin section.

As you click on the admin section a page of tools will open up, select Tracking info from there, and then click on Tracking code.

And the page containing the Tracking Id and code will open up.


I hope you have understood How to add Blogger to Google Analytics. If you are facing any kind of problems let me know in the comment section.  Blog SEO Ranking provides dope content regarding Blogging, Widgets, and much more. Do check out the articles and I am pretty sure that you will like it.
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