20+ best free AMP blogger template to skyrocket your blog speed.

20+ best free AMP Blogger templates

If you are a beginner or a newbie in this field. Or if you are in search of a fast, responsive, Ads ready template for your blog, then you are in the right place. Today in Blog SEO Ranking, we will provide the top 20 best free AMP blogger templates you can use for your blog. All these templates are:

  • Fast
  • SEO-friendly
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Having Responsive UI
  • Ads Ready

Topics which we will cover in this article:

  1. What is AMP blogger template
  2. Confused AMP templates and normal templates- Honest review
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of AMP template
  4. 20+ best AMP blogger template of 2020
  5. Top 3 best templates according to all factors
  6. What's next?
  7. Summing Up

What is AMP blogger template?

A blogger template is good if it is:

  • SEO - optimized.
  • Mobile as well as desktop friendly.
  • Loads very fast.
  •  Responsive as well as ads ready.

Google developed Accelerated Mobile Page to serve the contents in significantly less time. AMP blogger templates increase blog speed, providing a good user interface. So, all these features help your blog to rank higher in SERP.

 It also increases the engagements in the blog. AMP blogger templates are mobile-friendly, so it will help your site to rank in mobile device searches.

Google also claims that Amp templates will be used vastly in the future for a better experience in mobile devices. AMP templates are made using simple HTML, CSS, etc. There is no use of fancy JS in this kind of template.

This is the main reason behind the faster loading speed of this type of templates.

But is it beneficial to use Amp templates in our Blogger and any other site? We will surely answer all of your questions, so do not skip any point and stay tuned with this article.

Confused between AMP templates and normal templates- Honest review!!!

As a beginner, there is always a conflict in mind regarding AMP templates or Normal templates. So let me clear this confusion.

See, In typical templates, you can customize it according to you, but in AMP templates, the space for customization is less. But if we compare by considering the speed of the template, the AMP template clearly wins. 

Here in this illustration, you can see the speed test comparison of a standard template with an AMP template.


It is totally on your needs. If your needs are features, go with Normal Templates, you need lightweight and high-speed templates to go with AMP templates.   


Advantage and Disadvantage of AMP blogger template:

Cleary every good thing has a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages. In this section, we are going to cover all the advantages and disadvantages that the AMP blogger template have:


  1. It loads very fast 
  2. Increases engagement in the blog 
  3. AMP templates are very responsive(Mobile-friendly). 
  4. No unnecessary codes are present in the main script. 
  5. Light-Weight. 
  6. Improves Search Engine Ranking. 


  1. In AMP templates, you have a limited section for Ads; therefore, it affects revenue.
  2. You can not use any Javascript.
  3. As there are restricted sections, so there is no place for widgets in the sidebar.
  4. There is no place to add an Email Subscription Form.
  5. Blogger's official comment section is not present in AMP blogger templates.

Now it all depends on you, whether you are ready to go with AMP templates or not.

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20+ best free AMP blogger templates of all time: 

Now, let's dive into the main section of this article. In this section, you will get 50 free AMP templates for Blogger with all their specifications. Observe each template and choose the perfect one for you.

Note: The speed of these AMP blogger templates is measured using the GTmetrix tool.

1. DroidBuzz


Name- DroidBuzz AMP blogger template

This AMP template is designed by Iwan Efendi to boost the speed of the blog. This template comes up with a lot of features:


✅ Super Responsive

✅ Simple and clean design 

✅ Four columns for customization in the footer

✅ Provides High Click-through rate (CTR)

✅ Have excellent social sharing buttons.

✅ Ads ready template

Loading Speed: 2.8 sec

Page Size: 915 KB

2. Sahabat


Name: Sahabat AMP blogger Template

Namina Designs design this AMP blogger template. This is a beautiful blogger template which is super responsive and comes with tonnes of unique features that other AMP templates does not have:


✅ Super responsive

✅ Stunning social sharing buttons

✅ Have a Simple and elegant design

✅ Provides an email subscription form

✅ Disqus comment system

✅ Have responsive menubar

✅ Supports header as well as footer customization

✅ Provides the option to use tags in posts

Loading Speed: 1.8 sec

Page Size: 514 KB

3. Infinite AMP


Name: Infinite AMP

Arlinadz designed this AMP template for Blogger. This is one of the most popular AMP templates for Blogger. It has some unique features that make it most popular among all templates.


✅ Provides three columns for customization footer

✅ Using this theme, you will get a high CTR(click-through-rate)

✅ Have a stunning subscription widget

✅ Ready for ads

✅ Classic look

✅ Super-responsive and SEO friendly in mobile as well as desktop

✅ Awesome inbuilt social media sharing icons

Loading Speed: 2.1 sec

Page Size: 910 KB

Demo/preview/button/   Download/download/button/

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4. Blanterde AMP Blogger Template


Name: Blanterde  AMP Blogger Template

IDBlanter designed this awesome AMP template for Blogger. This template has a lot of features like


✅ The Mobile version is super responsive

✅ This template has a responsive menu bar

✅ Allows us to use tags in posts

✅ It provides inbuilt social media sharing buttons

✅ Classic look

✅ Has a good looking popular post widget in the sidebar

✅ Labels have a different section

Loading Speed: 2.1 sec

Page Size: 813 KB

Demo/preview/button/  Download/download/button/

5. Vetters AMP BLogger template


Name: Vletters AMP

Bung Franki designed this high-quality SEO optimized mobile-friendly responsive AMP blogger template to boost your blog ranking.


✅ Fast-loading

✅ Mobile-friendly

✅ SEO optimized 

✅ High quality

✅ Fully responsive

✅ Popular posts and related posts widgets are present

✅ Provides Disqus comment system

✅ Enrich user experience

Loading Speed: 2.2 sec

Page Size: 1.24 MB

Demo/preview/button/   Download/download/button/

6. Infinite JLB blogger template


Name: Infinite JLB

This AMP template for Blogger is different from all other AMP templates. It provides a premium subscription box and a premium author box. Infinite JLB blogger template is filled with rich snippets like 


✅ Loading time is significantly less

✅ Fast loading in mobile devices 

✅ Provides author box

✅ Ad ready

✅ Trending post widget in the sidebar

✅ Clean layout

✅ SEO friendly

Loading Speed: 2.9 sec

Page Size: 851 KB

Demo/preview/button/   Download/download/button/

7. Gooplus


Name: Gooplus

Goomsite created this template, especially for news blogs, because it has a clean layout and enhances user experience. It comes with many features like


✅ Disqus comment system

✅ Inbuilt social medial sharing buttons

✅ Mobile friendly

✅ Boosts your blog in search engine

✅ Increases user experience

✅ The Footer section is not available

✅ SEO friendly

Loading Speed: 2 sec

Page Size: 716 KB

8. Noname AMP Blogger Template


Name: Noname AMP Blogger Theme

Bung Frangki developed this minimal, clean, good-looking Blogger template. It loads very fast on every type of device. Noname AMP blogger template adapts with any screen resolution. It has many more features.


✅ It has separate section breadcrumbs

✅ Ad ready

✅ Related posts widgets are present below every blog post

✅ A separate section for labels

✅ Not enough inbuilt social media sharing buttons(Only Facebook and Twitter)

✅ Featured placement and popular post widgets are present in the sidebar

✅ A clean search box is present

Loading Speed: 4.3 sec

Page Size: 1.92 MB

Demo/preview/button/   Download/download/button/

9. AMP news Blogger Template


Name: AMP news

If you plan to make a news or magazine blog in Blogger, this template is perfect. It has all the features which a news blog must-have, which are


✅Three columns for customization in the footer

✅ Featured posts, popular post, and related post widgets are present

✅ Responsive

✅ Mobile and SEO friendly

✅ No inbuilt social media sharing buttons

✅ Ad ready 

✅ Disqus comment section

Loading Speed: 4.4 sec

Page size: 1.55 MB

Demo/preview/button/   Download/download/button/

10. PiroAMP Blogger Template


Name: Piro AMP

Basri Martindas developed this SEO-optimized and fully responsive blogger template, which perfect for Adsense. You can quickly navigate through all the posts using a search box present in the header section.


✅ Clean and simple design

✅ Active subscription widget.

✅ Three-section in footer

✅ Good for Adsense

✅ Responsive in mobile as well as desktop

✅ Inbuilt social media sharing buttons

✅ A separate section is present for labels.

Loading Speed: 2.7 sec

Page Size: 697 KB

Demo/preview/button/   Download/download/button/

11. SEO AMP Blogger Template



As the name suggests, this template is completely optimized for SEO. There are more sections for Ads in these templates. This template is enriched with rich snippets like


✅ Three sections for ads on the homepage

✅ In-built social media sharing buttons  

✅ Provides high Click-through rate(CTR)

✅ Popular post widget is present

✅ Separate areas are there for labels

✅ There is a place to provide tags in the blogpost

✅ Active breadcrumbs

Loading Speed: 2.3 sec

Page Size: 846 KB

Demo/preview/button/   Download/download/button/

12. Maknyus AMP blogger template


Name: Maknyus AMP

Raden Gino designed this template to feature all the essential things on the homepage. This template has a lot of space for customization. It also has some unique features like


✅ Super Responsive

✅ Popular post and feature section widget

✅ Three-section for customization in the footer

✅ Disqus comment section

✅ It has an inbuilt social media sharing button

✅ The main body of the blog has only two areas for customization

✅ Ad ready

Loading Speed: 2 sec

Page Size: 763 KB

Demo/preview/button/   Download/download/button/

13. MDCamp AMP Blogger Template


Name: MDCamp AMP Blogger Theme

NATO player designed the MDCamp template, which looks like the GooPlus template, which has been mentioned above. This template is one of the finest AMP blogger templates for news and magazine websites. It has some cool features like


✅ Social media sharing buttons are present in the blog

✅ Three columns are present in the footer

✅ Tags widgets are current within the post

✅ Related post and popular post widgets are present

✅ Fast loading and responsive 

✅ There are no active breadcrumbs

✅ Ad ready

Loading Speed: 2.5 sec

Page Size: 1.04 MB

Demo/preview/button/   Download/download/button/

14. Materi AMP blogger template


Name: Materi AMP Blogger Template

This template has a clean layout and loads very, very quickly. It also has some excellent features like back to top button. It has valid structure data with valid AMP.


✅ Superfast loading

✅ Active breadcrumbs

✅ AD ready

✅ Social media share buttons

✅ Responsive and customizable 

✅ Fully optimized for SEO

Demo/preview/button/   Download/download/button/

15. Health AMP blogger template


Name: Health AMP Blogger Template

This template looks like a premium WordPress template having a clean layout and a unique design. Blanoid designed this template having features like


✅ Clean layout

✅ Responsive menu bar

✅ Mobile as well as desktop friendly

✅ Social media sharing button is inbuilt within the blog page

✅ Breaking news widget is also present

✅ Active email subscription widget is also present

✅ Three columns for customization in the footer

✅ Clean and unique comment section like WordPress

✅ Ad ready

Demo/preview/button/   Download/download/button/

16. AMP Daily Blogger Template


Name: AMP Daily Blogger Template

Ayudedablogger.com has designed a creative template that is best for home pages or landing pages. This template will help you to create a good looking as well as simple landing pages. Other than the home page, it comes with some more features like


✅ Responsive menu bar for navigating through social media profiles.

✅ Feature for navigating through site pages

✅ The quick navigation button is present(bottom to top)

✅ Ad ready

✅ Social media sharing buttons are inbuilt.

✅ It has a Disqus comment feature.

✅ Active breadcrumbs

Loading Speed: 2 sec

Page Size: 631 KB

Demo/preview/button/   Download/download/button/

17. BlogAMP daily blogger template


Name: Blog AMP

Basri Martindas designed this simple, clean looking blogger template, which loads very quickly. It is super responsive on mobile as well as desktop. The specifications of this template are mentioned below.


✅ It loads very fast

✅ Responsive

✅ There are no breadcrumbs present

✅ No section for customization in the footer

✅ Disqus comment system is present

✅ A search box is present in the header

✅ Inbuilt social media sharing buttons

Loading Speed: 3.2 sec

Page Size: 399 KB

Demo/preview/button/   Download/download/button/

18. Siniladom AMP blogger template


Name: Siniladom AMP Blogger Template

Ikhwan zubir designs this lightweight template. This simple looking and responsive layout is loaded with a lot of features like


✅ Eye-catching header

✅ Ready with pagination feature

✅ Customizable footer with four columns

✅ Social media sharing buttons are inbuilt

✅ The readability of this theme is engaging

✅ Widget for related posts is present within a single post

✅ Disqus featured comment section

✅ Section for breadcrumbs is present

Loading Speed: 2 sec

Page Size: 2.11 MB

Demo/preview/button/   Download/download/button/

19. Blogku AMP blogger template


Name: Blogku AMP Blogger Template

Mas Sugeng designs this AMP template. With an elegant and simple look, this template will surely help in user engagement.


✅ The user interface is neat and simple

✅ Inbuilt social media sharing buttons

✅ Widget for following with email is present

✅ Good for SEO

✅ Active breadcrumbs are present

✅ A separate section is current for labels

Demo/preview/button/   Download/download/button/

20. Semi AMP blogger template


Name: Semi AMP

If you are looking for an excellent new blogger template, then this template will be great. It is designed with minimum code and multiple functionalities and features like


✅ The responsive dropdown menu bar

✅ Popular post widget in the sidebar

✅ Template with pagination

✅ Inbuilt social media sharing buttons

✅ High-speed loading layout

✅ Ad ready

✅ Good for SEO and also mobile device friendly

✅ There is no footer section in this template

Loading Speed: 1.6 sec

Page Size: 477 KB

Demo/preview/button/   Download/download/button/

21. Betapress


Name: Betapress

Naveed Iqbal designed this AMP template for Blogger, which is pretty simple and good looking. It comes with some stunning features like


✅ Active email subscription widget is present in the footer

✅ Three-section for customization in the footer

✅ Social media sharing icons are present on the homepage

✅ Fast loading as well as responsive

✅ Disqus comment system

✅ Ad ready

✅ Good for SEO

✅ There is no option for sidebars

Loading Speed: 2.2 sec

Page Size: 543 KB

Demo/preview/button/   Download/download/button/

22. GooAMP blogger template


Name: Goo AMP Blogger Templates

It is one of the best AMP templates out there. Though it is an AMP template, it has all the features that a standard template has. It is also very responsive. 

It has a responsive menu bar and a stunning footer section, making it different from other AMP templates. It also has some additional features like


✅ A responsive menu bar is present along with a search box

✅ Social media chat icons are present in the footer

✅ Stunning sliding related posts widget are present

✅ Separate section for levels

✅ Author box is present within Blogspot

✅ Active Breadcrumbs

✅ Eye-catching blog design

✅ Super responsive as well as mobile-friendly

✅ Popular post widget is also present

Loading Speed: 4.4 sec

Page Size: 2.07 MB

Top 3 best AMP blogger templates:

So I hope you have got all the templates with their specification and download links. It is your time to choose the best theme for your blog. If you are still getting confused to choose the best AMP template for your blog, you can rely on us. 

We will pick the three best templates among these templates considering all the factors, and you can go with any of these three templates. The factors upon which we are choosing the top 3 are:

1. Speed

2. Design

3. Space of customization

4. Responsiveness

So, let's get directly into those top 3 templates.

🥇 Vletters

🥈 Siniladom

🥉 AMP Daily

What's Next?

Once you got your favorite template, install it. Now you need to make your blog SEO ready so that it appears on the search engine. 

You have now got a lot of work to do on your blog; do all these things actively. Happy Blogging :-)

Summing Up

Well, by the end of this article, I hope you got your perfect AMP template for your blog. It is your time to work hard on your blog and make it successful.

Blogging is excellent if you love to work on it. Blog SEO Ranking is a place of bloggers; all the SEO actionable tips, tricks, widgets, and Case Studies are provided every week. So, stay tuned to get some actionable proven SEO tips.

Share this article with all your blogger friends and help them to choose their perfect template. We will meet with you again in Blog SEO Ranking with some piece; till then, take care. Happy Blogging 😃

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