How to delete blogger account

How to delete blogger account?

Are you facing problems or confusion about how to delete blogger account?
Not only You !!

Hundreds of people are facing the same issue as you. Today, in Blog SEO Ranking, you will get all your solutions to the deletion of the blog in blogger?

Blogging has now become a well-known source of income by sitting at home. 6 out of 10 individuals are doing blogging. Making a blogger account is straightforward. Sometimes deleting a blogger account is a little bit difficult. As you are here, I can guess how to delete a blogger account without deleting Gmail is a little bit confusing for you. So in this article, we will cover up much more than the steps of deleting an account.

Topics which we are going to cover in this article:

  1. The motives behind deleting your blog
  2. How to choose which steps you need to follow to delete an account
  3. How to backup your blogger account
  4. Steps to delete your Gmail account linked with Blogger Account
  5. Steps to delete a specific post from your blog
  6. Steps to delete a specific blog 
  7. Reasons why your blog may get deleted by blogger
  8. How to Restore your blogger account 

These might be your motive behind deleting your blog.

1.Account has made by mistake: 

The user may have made an account in blogger with the wrong Gmail. Later the user does not want to continue with that account, so in this scenario, the user has two options -

(A) Delete the blogger account  

(B) Change the email address associated with it

2. You Want to delete a specific blog:

As a blogger, you may realize that you can create many blogs in a single blogger account. You might want to delete your previous unsuccessful or experimental blogs. You don't need to delete the other blogs or the Gmail associated with it. You can delete one blog at a time and spare the rest of the blogs. In that case How to delete my blogger account will be a common question.

3.Delete a specific post from the blog:

This is a very common scenario in which you may want to delete one of the posts from a specific blog. You feel many of the times after posting an article that the content is not up to the mark. There may be some other reasons like you have posted an article in a wrong blog, and it might be for some other blog. Erasing the entire blog will not be a solution. In that circumstance, you need to delete only the chosen article.

4.Delete the Gmail address associated with the blog:

Deleting a Gmail address will delete all your google services associated with that Gmail. When you delete your Gmail account, you will lose services like google drive, youtube channel, and many more. So don't panic. Follow these simple steps to choose the correct steps for deleting a blogger account.

How to choose which steps you need to follow to delete a blogger account:


  • First, go through the above topic and get an idea of why you will delete your blog.
  • Differentiate between deleting a google account and deleting a blogger account.
  • If you want to delete google service, follow the steps which are discussed below.
  • You want to know How to delete blogger account without deleting Gmail. Then here are a few more sections that you need to keep in mind.
  • Check whether there is a problem with more than one blog or a problem with only one blog.
  • Check if one of your blogs is creating problems, or one of your posts from a specific blog is creating a problem.
  • When you get your answers from the steps mentioned above, then only proceed further. Otherwise, you will get confused and end up doing a mess.

How to backup your blogger account:

Before deleting anything, you have to make sure that you have a backup of that. So, in this case, also will take a backup of the blog. You have two options. First, you can import your blog's content to another account if you only want to use the current blog for another purpose. Second, first backup your content and delete your blog.

There are several steps to backup your whole blog. You need to back up the posts, but you have to import the comments, and you need to take a backup of the theme.

Steps to back up the contents of your blog:

This steps will lead you to backup all your posts, comments, and pages of your blog

  • First, sign in to the Gmail account with which the blogger account is associated.
  • Now sign in to your blogger account.
  • Go to the top left corner and click on the triangle-like icon.


  • Select the blog you want to backup


  • Go to settings
  • Go to the Manage blog option.
  • Now click on "Backup content."

  • A pop up will appear where you have to click on Download.


You will get a .xml file which consists of posts, comments, and pages of your blog.

Steps to save a copy of your blog's theme:

  • First sign in to your blogger's account
  • Now click on the top right corner on the triangle-like icon.
  • select your desired blog
  • Now check out the left side menu and select theme.


  • Click on customize 


  • Now select the backup button.


  • Download the theme by clicking here


Steps to import your posts and comments to a different blog:

You can import posts and comments from one blog to the other. This will help you preserve those comments also, you don't have to write posts again in the different blogs. Importing Posts and comments will make your tasks easy.

NOTE: Blogger has a limit on how many files you can import in one day, but there is no limit on file size

  • First, sign in to your blogger account from login
  • Go to top left and select the specific blog to which you want to import your posts and comments.
  • Now click on the setting button.
  • Search for Manage Blog option
  • In manage, blog section, find "Import content" and click on it.


  • Now click on Import from your computer or Import.

This one is for old blogger

  • It will republish all your posts and comment on that blog. But if you want to stop them from publishing, then turn off this option shown below.

This one is for the new blogger layout

  • Now select the.xml file which you wan to import from your PC.(the .xml file which you have backed up)
  • Click Open.

Note: First backup your content, then use that file to import

How to delete your Gmail account linked with Blogger?

Before proceeding further, please note that deleting a Gmail account will stop all the services of google associated with it. It will delete your blogger account permanently. After deleting the Gmail, you can no longer access Gmail, Docs, etc. from that particular Gmail. But deleting the Gmail account will help you to delete the blogger from Blogspot within 3 minutes permanently. Now let's jump into the section of steps to delete a Gmail account.


1.Go to google account. Visit the page by clicking right HERE.

2. Now click on go to google account then click on Data and Personalization


3. Now scroll and go to the Download, delete or make a plan section for your data. Now click on Delete service or your account.

4. Now delete your Google Account.


5. Login and verify your account details


6. Give the password to verify again that it's you

7. A warning page will appear, read it, or you can skip also, but I would recommend you read that because it is a good habit to read those warnings.

8. Now, scroll down and check the checkboxes which will appear. It is mandatory to check the boxes.

9. Now click on Delete Account.


With these steps, all your google data have been deleted, including a blogger account.

How to delete a specific post from a blog:

Before jumping into the content, let us clear the idea that if you eliminate a particular post from a blog, it will not affect any other posts, pages, or comments. When you get dissatisfied with a particular post or have published it mistakenly, you can follow the steps mentioned below.


1. Sign in to your blogger account

2. Go to the top left and find a triangle-like icon as shown in the picture

3. You have to select a blog.

4. Now go to Posts

5. Hover your mouse over the post which you want to delete

6. Click on Delete


Your post is now deleted form your blog.

How to delete a blog without deleting the blogger account:

Many peoples have a common question: Is there any way to delete only a particular without losing your blogger account. Yes, you can delete one of your blogs without deleting the blogger account. These steps can delete the blogs which you have made when you have just started blogging. So lets jump into the content of how to delete a blog


1. Sign in to the blogger account.

2. Select your blog which you want to delete from the top left.

3. Go to settings

4. A menu will appear on the left side.

5. Go to the Manage blog section.

5. Click on Remove your blog


6. Now, a pop-up message will appear, and below that, you will get a button of Delete.


7. Now click on top-left of the menu, and you can see your blog in the Deleted blog section.

8. Click on the button shown below.

NOTE: If you do not want to delete the blog permanently, they do not follow the steps below.

9. Now, click on permanently delete.


10.Confirm the pop-up

Your blog is now permanently deleted.

Why blogger deleted my account?

If you ever visit the Google Blogger help forum, you can see a common question of why the blogger team deleted my blogger account. The Blogger team deletes account of some spammers and those who do not follow the Terms and conditions. At first, your blog has very little traffic, so there is no problem at that time, but as you keep growing your business, your traffic increases, and if any visitor finds that you are using the platform wrongly. They find your content is hurting their sentiments; then, they can report your post.

Here I am explaining some of the reasons which can be the reasons for which the blogger team deletes your blog.

Spreading hate through your posts:

At whatever point you will post any content, ensure it doesn't hurt anybody's religious/community/personal sentiments. Google's blogger doesn't allow anyone to spread hate speech. They take strict actions, and for this reason, your blog may get deleted.

Creating many blogs from a single blogger account

Suppose one of your blogs got deleted by the blogger team, and then you create another blog with the same Gmail account. Then blogger interprets that you are going to misuse the blogger platform again spamming. So do not make too many blogs from a single account; instead, create another Gmail account and create your new blog there only.

Copied content:

If you copy content from other websites, then you can get a copyright strike on your blog. Not only text but if you also use images or videos without giving credits or without purchasing them legally, then also your blog can be deleted. The blog will not be deleted when traffic is low on your site, but the chances are high when traffic gradually increases. It is advisable not to copy content and do hard work on your own.

Malicious ads:

Whenever using links in your blog, then always use the Nofollow attribute. If you do not use it, then the links will redirect the user to that page, and if the page contains malicious, violent ads, then the blogger can delete your blog.

If your blog gets deleted by the blogger team, you can contact them. Then you can draft a request to restore it. But there is a very low chance that they will restore it because it is not very common that a blogger deletes a blog. They analyze everything step by step, and then they get to some decision. Better if you do not do the mistakes mentioned above and remember no shortcuts can lead you to success.

How to restore your blogger account:

If you think it is a mistake to delete your old blog and restore them, then here are the steps to recover your account. Before jumping over the steps, I hope you remember when you have deleted your blog, there was a warning. It stated that you could restore the blog within 90 days. If you have already exceeded the time limit, you can not restore it.


1. Sign in to your blogger account

2. Now go to the top left corner

3. Click on the "Binned blog."

4. Click on the blog which you have deleted and want to restore

5. Click on Undelete.



1.How to delete a blogger account permanently?

Answer: Deleting a blogger account permanently is easy. We have discussed this in the section of  "How to delete a blog without deleting a blogger account". Check out the steps we have discussed it briefly.

2. How to restore a blog?

Answer: You can restore a blog up to 90 days only if you have not deleted it permanently. Check out the steps in the section "How to restore a blog".


"How to delete a blogger account" is a question that has been searched multiple times on google. In this article, we have given step by step explanation. We have tried to cover every question which can arise in your thoughts. We have discussed earlier backing up and why backing up is necessary. How to delete a blogger account without deleting Gmail is also an important topic. So at last I would ask you to drop your views and queries in the comment section. Blog SEO Ranking is always here to help you out. If you are not agreeing with us at any point make sure to leave a comment. We respect your views. Share this article, every share is appreciated.

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