How to remove dates from Blogger post URL? (8 easy steps and guide)

Remove dates from blogger post URL

Remove dates from blogger post URl

Have you ever tried to remove dates from Blogger post URL, but have not got any permanent solution?

Don’t Worry.

Many awesome people like you who are blogging in Blogger are searching for a solution to remove the date from Blogger URL. Today in Blog SEO Ranking I will provide a complete guide to remove date from blogger post URLs.

So, Let’s dive in and find a solution to the question “How to remove date from Blogger post URL”

The topics which we are going to cover in detail in this article:

  • What is a Blogger post URL?
  • Why is it necessary to have a short URL?
  • How to remove dates from Blogger post URL
  • How to change the permalink in Blogger
  • Is it worth to change the URL - My Honest Opinion
  • Summing Up

Let’s cover these topics one by one:

What is a Blogger post URL?

Every page or post in a blog has a unique URL by which they can be accessed. Blog SEO Ranking has a post on Keyword Research, so the post can be accessed only using the link or URL of that post which looks like: 

Similarly, every page like the About Us, Contact Us and every post has unique links. These URLs are very vital for any blog, if the URL is not good enough then there is no use of a good article.

Why is it necessary to have a short URL?

  • A short much more convenient because:
  • It is easily readable.
  • It is easy to remember.
  • It is descriptive and meaningful.
  • It makes sharing easier.
  • It builds the trust of the user.
  • It helps to get a good ranking.

Here You can see how a shortened URL looks like:

In the blogger, the default URL contains the date of publishing, which unnecessarily makes the URL longer, so we'll know how to shorten the default URL by removing the date from it.

How to remove dates from Blogger post URL?

So now you know why it is necessary to have a shorter URL. In this section, we are going to discuss what will be the steps if you want to remove dates from Blogger Post URL. One question may come to your mind is it possible to remove dates from blogger post. My answer is "NO". It is not technically possible to remove the dates as the owner of the blog is Google. Google does not have this feature in blogger. But do not worry we have a method through which we can hide the date from the URL, read this article, and make sure you do not miss any point.


1.First login to your blogger account.

2. Now click on the triangle-like icon shown below in the image.

3. Now go to "SETTINGS" on the left side menu.


4. Here you will get an option Edit HTML. Click on that option.



5. Now press CTRL+F on your keyboard and type </head>

6.You will get the header tag ending. Now copy the javascript code given above and paste the code just above the ending of the header tag(</head>).


7. Now click on the save button to save the code.


8.Now visit your blog and you can see the date has been removed from the URL.

So let's make it clear, we haven't removed the date technically but we have used a javascript code to set a redirection look to shorten the URL and hide the date.

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How to change permalink in Blogger?

We have told you about the necessities of a short URL for your blog post. Now let's talk about the permalink. 

What is Permalink?
Permalink is a kind of permanent URL that is considered to remain the same and unchanged in the future. Search engines and users see the permalink of your post when they try to navigate through your site. Once you publish the post the permalink will be permanent even if you develop your content and update the post. 

There are two types of permalink
- Custom permalink
- Automatic permalink

So here are the ways to set a custom permalink for your post so that users and search engines find your blog easily through this URL.

How to set a custom permalink of an unpublished post?


1. First you have to sign in to your blogger account.

2. From the top left menu, click on the triangle-like symbol.


3. Click on the blog in which you want to make a change
4. Click on an unpublished post.
5. Now on the extreme right side you can see there are Post settings.
6. Scroll down and you will get the option of Permalink.
7. Select Custom Permalink.


8. Now enter ur desired URL separated by "-".
9. Now click on Done.
10. Now click on Save or Publish your post.

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How to set a custom permalink of an already published post?


1. Sign in to your blogger account.
2. Click on the button shown below and select Revert to draft


3. Now click on the permalink and copy that and save it for any emergency.
4. Click on custom permalink.
5. Now change the URL according to your wish separated with "-".
6. Publish your post.


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Last and most important step to change the permalink:

You changed the permalink so now search engines and the user will find it difficult to find your blog. Suppose previously you shared your post link in different social media accounts. When you change your permalink then that link will redirect the user to an invalid page. To solve this problem we will redirect the link. 


1. Visit the blog Settings.

2. Scroll and search for Errors and Redirections.

3. Click on Custom redirects.


4. Click on the ADD button


4. Now copy and paste the previous permalink of the post.
5. Now copy-paste the current permalink.
6. Turn on the button that is shown below.
7. Click on OK.


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Is it worth to change the URL - My Honest Opinion

There is a common myth that removing date and month from URL will help you in SEO but this is totally wrong. Most of the bloggers think that if they date and month then search engines will not be able to know how old is the post. But this is a misconception. Search engines like google do not use URL to find the age of your blogpost, it uses the sitemap which you submit in the webmaster tools.

Here are the basic reasons behind why you should not change the URL:

You should not remove the date and time from your URL because

# The date and time actually don't get removed. Instead of that, it gets hidden.

# Your posts do not get index on google.

# It gives a 404 error when you use the script given above and then the site is loaded.

# Ranking of your page will go down

#You will not be able to submit your URL on the google search console.

I will not recommend you hide or remove the date and time because, in the end, it will only harm your page and blog. So it's better to keep your URL as it is. This code works in the past months but because of the new blogger updates, this code does not work properly. At last, do not try to remove the date and time from the URL.


We have tried to find some permanent solution to your question. We can see with the advancement of technology every day each and every company is updating themselves. This is also applicable to google. 10-11 months ago the javascript code works properly to remove the dates from the URL and shorten it. But now this method is not applicable because of the new updates in the blogger.  In Blog SEO Ranking we try to find the solution to the newcomers in the blogging field. As a newbie, they might not know about the latest updates, tips, and tricks of bloggers. So if you have learned anything from this article make to share it with at least one new blogger. This will help them a lot. Please put down your queries in the comments so that we can answer all your questions.

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